Spectron Musician trun on noise / tweeter hiss

My Musician III SE MK2 with the vcap / bybee upgrades was just delivered and after setting it up and hitting the power switch a cracking static was momentarily heard from my speakers. The same was true when the power is turned off.

I realize that most amps generate an audible hiss that can be heard when you put your ear near the speakers tweeter, but the Spectron seems louder than most.

Do other owners share the same experience??
yes and so? Don't turn on and off your amp and the hiss can be due to variety of reason one of which is truthful amplification of input noise....

What are your impression of the amp?

All The best
My understanding is that you are supposed to leave the Spectron amp on 24/7.

Regarding hiss, don't know what equipment you are using, i.e., preamp.

Finally, Spectron has always been very helpful, heck you can't get Simon off the phone once you get him. Call them and they will help you out.

I have the Musician III SE and I don't hear any hiss. And I am with Rafael...what's it sound like in just the first day?
Tmaple I have some questions for you;

#1 Once the amp is on how far away can you hear the hiss?

#2 Is it just a hiss or a hum? of any sort?

#3 What is your accociated gear?

#4 IC connections, balance or single ended?
I have the Spectron Muscian III SE. On turn on there is a momentary crackle. nearly inaudible but its there. The same is not true of turn off, just silent. I have absolutely no hiss, even with my ear right up to the tweeter its dead silent. Try disconnecting everything else in the chain and listen for the hiss again, 10 to 1 its NOT the amplifier, but something further up-stream
My Spectron Musician III SE Mark 2 gives a slight tick in the left speaker on turn on (I leave it on 24/7 but occasionally replace a power cord or speaker cable setup, so off the amp goes temporarily). No hiss whatsoever.
Thanks Folks for your responses. My upstream components consist of an AYRE K5X preamp amd AYRE C5XE universal player. All interconnects are balanced; Kimber Select between the pre amp and amp; Cardas Golden Reference between the disc player and preamp.

I've also encountered an issue with my tuner, which now only presents music that is total static!

However, my intial impressions are very favorable. I replaced an AYRE K5X with the Musician mainly because I was never really happy with the bootom end of the AYRE.

Once things settle down I'll be able to post my impressions.
Where's your tuner in relation to the power amp? You need the tuner as far away from the amps and CDP as possible, unless it's very heavily shielded (you didn't mention the brand).

CDPs and Class-D amps can spew a lot of RFI/EMI and tuners are the most likely to be negatively impacted. I see you're running balanced, which is critical in Class-D, but does you tuner allow balanced? Make sure that the antenna lead doesn't run too near the amp.

If the whole shebang is in a rack, then try to get the amps on the bottom and the tuner on top. Ayre tends to shield their stuff pretty heavily, so maybe the CDP won't interfere with the tuner too much, but putting the pre between the CDP and tuner would be good.

Once you solve all this, then leave it on all the time. (BTW, I love Class-D and ICEPower stuff, using Rowland myself).

My MK2 is dead quiet even with my ear up to the speaker's tweeter and midrange.

Besides what has already been mentioned the amp likes clean power. It wouldn't be bad to use a good power cord connected to a condtioner like the Shunaya which allows unrestricted power delivery and diverts the noise at higher frequencies to neutral. Conditioners based on serial/baum device conditioners will restrict power to the unit so I wouldn't use one of these.

Do you have a dedicated 20 amp line for the amp? That migt help also.
I'm with Nick778, when everything's right it should be the quietest thing you've ever put in your system. I think there's some issue here.

Unfotunately, the Tuner is not balanced, but does reside on the top shelf of the rack and the amp is on the bottom shelf.

I have a dedicated 20 amp line for my system. I'm using the Shunyata HYDRA and have replaced the stock power cord with the Shunyata PYTHON.

Does using a cable-music input reduce the tuner noise? If so, then you need to work on your antenna lead, if not, do you have a long enought IC to try moving the tuner seveal feet further away to see if that solves or improves the noise issue there.

You've done a lot to stabilize your power supply. Without going to full Power Factor Correction I see nothing more that you can do there.

A last resort, take everything out of the rack and lay it out on the floor as widely spaces as possible, with the amp and CDP at one end and the tuner at the other end. If that helps, then you know what the problem is and you may need two racks, one "digital" and the other analog, or, you might move the amp out of the rack an put it on a floor amp-stand.

or maybe you can just turn on amp with just speakers hooked up and no inputs to see if the hiss disappears (can this be done without creating another problem?). then start plugging in components one at a time until the hiss appears. you know...troubleshooting.
Unfortunately the hiss remained with ONLY the speakers connected to the amp. The unit has been packed up and will be returned to the manufacturer for analysis.
that is unfortunate. keep us posted as to the final outcome.