Spectron Musician Reliability Issues....

I'm intrigued by the Musician II (and the pending Musician III) but was somewhat dismayed by the reliability issues brought to bear from reading the reviews in Audioreview.com.. It seems to me that there are basically two issues (not sure if they are related).

a.) On rush / surge of current needed @ start-up
b.) General reliability

With item A, I would like to know if any owners have used the amp in conjunction with a power / line conditioner (does it help or worsen).

Also, how many of you that own this amp have a back-up amp(just in case...) Thanks.
I own two MII amps -- not for backup, but used simultaneously, to drive two pair of ML 'statics. No trouble whatsoever on either of your two points. Mind, it's very easy to get hold of the powers that be at Spectron should any amp problem arise. They're very nice people.
The Musician II I had was a fine amp to say the least, both sonically and functionally. It sounded even better running out of my Hydra as a conditioner.