Spectron Musician III Mk2 - Review in Stereo Times


Donald Shaulis just published review in Stereo Times (http://www.stereotimes.com/amp082908.shtml)

He compared Musician III Signature Edition to current Mk2 ("The MK2 with V-Caps clearly bested the SE...")

as well as stereo Mk2 vs monoblocks:

"I also compared one MK2 operated in stereo to a pair operated as monoblocks...With the monoblocks there was a noticeable ease of presentation and the sound stage became more expansive while maintaining definition. My speakers seemed to grow. The monoblocks also provided a dramatic increase in tonal density. A rich harmonic texture and increased definition was evident in everything from the lows (upright bass, piano, and guitar lower notes), through the midrange (vocals, and middle range of the piano and guitar) to the upper reaches of violins. In addition to all the intimacy of the stereo MK2, the monoblocks had additional visceral impact even at normal listening levels. The weight of guitar and piano notes was relayed with an in-the-room presence and clarity. Compared to the stereo MK2, the monoblocks were a more complete artist’s sketch with the shadings more fully reflecting all the shadows and highlights. This weight and detail carried to adjacent rooms in my home where only the outline of the music had prevailed before.

What can I say about distortion at full output? Nothing..."

What is absolutely stunning for me is his use of words "...dramatic increase in tonal density". In my amatour review I called it incredible three-dimensionality, Simon from Spectron call it "palpability", somebody else "presence" or "body". Isanchez, here on A-gon wrote:

"My brother finds my system spooky because he says that the musicians are for sure in the room, he knows exactly where they are playing in reference to one another, but he can't seem them. And that freaks him out! He said that after I setup the mono-blocks"

This quality dramatically increased when I received Bybee upgrade. I never heard such "meat" with any amplifiers including SET. When I close my eyes I feel I can walk to musicians, walk around them and touch them: its so....real. First, I thought its my imagination but I see that everybody saying (or writing ) about it.

I guess this is due to the absence of the distortions in Spectron monoblocks but I wonder what other think?

Thank you


Thanks for sharing this with us. It's quite amazing that many of us perceived and expressed the same qualities without knowing of each others views on the amps.


This all points to the fact that the coming of age of switching amplification is TODAY, and not in some nebulous future. And if you look at the steadily growing interest and growing acolides of some products in this technology. . . it should be pretty darn obvious that switching amplification technology must be taken as seriously as any other one. Having being very impressed by the Mus 3 stereo last year, I am very much looking forward to listening to the latest Spectron monoblocks at RMAF in October.