Spectron Musician II mated with Supratek Preamp?

Has anyone tried the Spectron Musician II amp with the Supratek Preamp from Australia? I own the Von Schweikert 4 HSE III, latest version which are very musical. Has anyone mated these two products with these speakers? Do they work well together? I am thinking that the 500wpc, and the tubes should make for a dynamite combination. I currently have the Gryphon Callisto 2100 which is wonderful, but I am a hopeless searcher of that Holy Grail. Thoughts, ideas?
I use the Eastern Electric MiniMax with the Musician II. The MiniMax is a tube preamp and it is a fantastic sound. No regrets here.
I have a Musician II, a Supratek Syrah, a Granite 657 tube CDP and a pair of the VR 5 HSE's. I like the Syrah very much and have no complaints. That said, I'm starting to think the system may sound better with the CDP running directly to the amp (I'm still comparing). The Syrah offers much more flexibility in terms of sources, of course, but I listen mainly to CDs. I'm told that the performance of the Syrah (said to be quite high for the $$ in stock form) can be substantially increased by replacing the stock tubes, but I have yet to try tube rolling. Also, I liked dealing with Mick, the designer and maker of the Syrah.