Spectron Musician II -- deep bass perfomance??

I am considering purchasing this amp, and have read all the "raves" but was just wondering how this amp performs on the bass-end of the music scale?

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool "give me a big block six or eight over a turbo four any day"... "just-don't-see-how-an-amp that doesn't weigh at LEAST 100 lbs.-gonna -slam-my-face-with-bass" kinda guy, and would like to hear from owner's of this amp as to how you feel it compares to the "big boys" in the deep-bass/bass-control area.

Thanks to any & all.
As a dealer for the brands I am going to mention
I can tell you the Musician II has plenty of
bass.At this price point there is nothing I know
of other than the Stellavox that can beat it.Also
Being a dealer for Bel Canto also,I would say the
They rank in this order a this price
point.Stellavox,Specton BC.The Stellavox are mono
blocks that weigh 12 pounds each but have
performance that is jaw dropping including
authortative bass.The Spectron also has great
bass but in my opinion is not the best in the
midrange.Disclaimer,my comments are to my
ears.Weight has nothing to do with performance,it
is the design of the circuit and the JOB4 circuit
is what everyone else has to equal and in my opinion have yet to do.
to SATTOTHESTARS. did you compare the musician 2or bel canto to big models of m.levinson, krell,pass labs and others.what were the closest in terms of sound quality(soundstage,dynamics,etc)and in what price range.what would be the caracteristic of digital over the transistor.thanks
In my opinion the Stellavox will satnd heal to heal with any amp under 10K.Following clients have gone From ARt Jota to Stellavox,ML 336 to Stellavox,Musician II to Stellavox,and those who just outrightly prefered the Stellavox to others they listend to.Dynamics,bass,and the midrange of SETs is what makes these special.80% of what a Goldmund 29.4 (22k) can do.
Sattothestars- if the Stellavox is so much better than the
Spectron why handle both?
Kana813.I handle the Spectron because it is the best of he best in class d techonlogy.And as you well know this all subjective.To my ears,and obviously others they have found the Stellavox better to them.Does that mean you would?I cannot answer that until you hear it and decide for yourself.
is stelavox the same circuitry(technologie) than sonosax.there was a dealer in montreal who was selling a 50 watts/channels for 3500.00.what price range the stellavox is.
for sattothestars.i went on the stellavox website and couldnt acces the 500/watts /channel.is it available.
to sattothestars , is the stellavox a digital amp too.

The Stellavox's are not digital amps.



I am not Sattothestars, but I am an owner of the Stellavox PW1's. :)
Also for Sattothestars, have you heard the Acoustic Reality amps? I have a short list of A.R., Spectron, and Stellavox. I can probably afford one of these used, haven't seen any Stellavox used yet. What do they cost new?
Hi Denf,the products containing the JOB4 circut can be purchased from http://www.jobsys.com/.The JOB circuit topology may be one of the few accurate analogue amplifier
circuits that have been implemented in a real world product.By all accounts they are true to life.The bass performance comes from
power supply design and the circuits slewing,settling time,and symmetry behavior.It tracks the the waveforms rise and fall accurately in the time domain and amplifies it.
A simplified explanation of a complicated job.A 250watt/ch
stereo amp is $2950.00. This technology might be what you are looking for.