Spectron/ModWright/Thiel CS-7.2

This is my first post on the A'Gon forum,so please excuse an audio nut if he did it wrong.
I know this is an older discontinued speaker, but I've heard (through this forum) the Thiel's love high powered ss amps and tube preamps. Does any body have any comments on the above combo, or any Spectron amp/tube preamp combo w/the CS 7.2?

I have a Modwright LS 36.5 Tube Pre-Amp, Denon 5910 (modded by The Upgrade Company), an ARC PH 3SE/VPI HW-19 MK-IV TT w/VPI arm/Benz Ace HO,and Vandersteen 3A Signature speakers all tied together w/Transparent Ultra/Super MM1/MM2 cables. I've recently replaced my Theta Dreadnaught II amp for the Spectron Premiere 7(should be here in a week or so). My room is 20'x14.5'x8'.

I'm thinking of upgrading the Vandies to the Thiel CS7.2.
Any comments would be greatly appreciatd.