Spectron MIII MKII after market tweeks ?

Pls share your tweeks on your Spectron MIII MKII power amps.
I know the power cord and isolation devices makes a difference. At the moment I am powering up 3 pcs MIII MKII with PAD Dominus Ferox and installed Finite Elemente Cerapucs.
Each amp is feed on it's dedicated 20 amp 120 vac line.
The results are easily felt especially with more clarity of the bass notes.
I am considering adding the Remote Sense Cables, however, I operate 2 amps in mono and I am not sure if the Remote Sense applies in mono mode and what benefit versus the price of the Elrod cables.

Thank you.
The two best tweeks I have found are Isoclean fuses (instead of HiFi fuses) and Fusion Audio Enchanter power cords. I do use Remote Sense cables but have not compared them to any of the high end speaker cables.
Hello Terry,
Call Spectron - Simon has a long list of tweaks for Spectron. Ask him nicely ;--)

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We own similar design amps- mine is Wyred4Sound multichannel, as I am biamping.

I highly recommend Clear Day solid core silver speaker cables. I am using the double shotgun. The improvements over many far more expensive cables was startling.
What does an audiophile do when he has it all but is still desperately looking for something to tweek or upgrade? I believe that you, my friend, are at that point of an audiophile's life.
I've been using the latest Spectrons as monoblocks for a few months, and have been very happy with the sound as compared to my previous Rowland 201 monoblocks. About a week ago I upgraded to Elrod power cords. I'm using the Elrod Statement going to my power conditioner, and two Elrod Signatures going to the amps. Right out of the box, the Elrods sounded good. Since then I've noted gains in three-dimensionality and clarity- a more "fleshed-out" and realistic presentation. Although its only a week, I'm convinced that the Elrods help bring out the goodness of the Spectrons. Of course the Elrods are true components rather than tweaks- hence the name Elrod Power Systems.
Hello Psag, thank you for your post where you described the combination of the Spectron monoblocks and David Elrod power cords. What strike me is your observation that "...I've noted gains in three-dimensionality and clarity..."

For me nothing was making soundstage more three-dimensional then combination of Super Effect Bybee filters and going from stereo to fully balanced monoblocks (as many well designed fully balanced monoblocks will do).

I own many David Elrod cables and I did remove them all and listen again. Oh boy, Psag you are right - everything shrunk and became flat and two-dimensional. Just terrible and I immediately re-install Elrods and got my "grooves" back again.

I have difficulties to believe that for so (relatively speaking) reasonable investment I got so much as a result and more important how and why power cords can create such effects?

I wonder if anybody else have the same results that Psag and I have experienced? Even with non-Spectron amplifiers ?

Thank you
I have the Spectron M3SE and have been using the Virtual Dynamics Revelation PC with extremely 3D and airy imaging. I upgraded all the output fuses to Hifi tuning fuses and it takes this amp to another level. I never tried the Elrod Signature PC, not sure how it compared to my VD Revelation.

The Spectron amps also benefit from good vibration/resonace isolation devices.

I use Equarack footers under most of my gear. I've written about them here.

Other similar options are HRS platforms and SRA platforms.


Hello Simontju,
That's interesting about the Elrods. I'm tempted to try the same, but I had a heck of a time setting up those cords. They are beasts!

It seems the Elrods contribute an added degree of naturalness to the many virtues of the Spectrons.

I was told by David that the cords would take several months to fully break in (!), so it would seem that my observations are preliminary at this point.
I used an Elrod Statement on my McCormack DNA-500 when it was in my system and had excellent results - it was the best cord I found for that amp - it seems to really excel with solid-state amps.
Elrod power cord excels with tube amplifiers too. I bought EPS-3 Signature for my tube amplifiers (BAT150SE) and soundstage expended, vivid colors suddenly appeared , bass tighted etc.
Elrod are the best, you are right guys!
It took me a while to find the best power cords for my Spectrons but no question - Elrod produces the best in the world. For me the most striking feature I have heard - removal of the veil between me and musicians. I owned many fine power cords from NBS, PUD and others but only Elrod provided this magic - musicians suddenly moved to my room and if I would close my eyes and its small ensemble (I like to listen in the dark)- I would swear that they are here with me. Plus, Mike Garner from TweekGeek demoed Elrod prototype speaker cables for Spectron at RMAF 2008 and my understanding is that all were sold there and one was snatched by a reviewer "on the spot"

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Elrod is indeed the best. I can say only one thing: after installation of his power cords - I listen and listen and I had to force myself stop listening. Its just some kind of magic...For me, it was like I listen to me system from the closet and with Elrod stuff - I walk out of closet ....

I heard that Elrod is working on new speaker cable - that must be revelation. If anyone knows about it - please share


I have received e-mail from Simon that they with David Elrod made a speaker cable specially designed for Spectron (or other powerful tube or solid state amps). Did anyone have tried these cables? They look gorgeous but first hand experience would help a lot.

All The Best
Received the same e-mail. The cables look pretty cool. Asked Simon about the Neutrik connectors that the Spectron amp is built to accept and he explained to me that this was for the Remote Sense cables only and that the Remote Sense cable was good up to a point and was surpassed by very high end speaker cables. I will probably get the new cables but like Rafael I would be interested to hear someones thoughts about them.
Hello Boston,

"Asked Simon about the Neutrik connectors that the Spectron amp is built to accept and he explained to me that this was for the Remote Sense cables only and that the Remote Sense cable was good up to a point and was surpassed by very high end speaker cables."

I also spoke with Simon about it and he confirmed it. Moreover - they will install FREE OF CHARGE ($0.0) Remote Sense circuitry and Speakon termination to anyone who wants it. He added that they will charge, however, for removal because it involves and labor and new ulta expensive WBT Silver NextGen spades or bananas.

They feel that Remote Sense does not add much to their cable (and may be subtract some texture and 3D stuff) but if customer is Spectron amp owner AND wants to have it - let him have it and eat it too

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A few weeks ago, I switched over from an inexpensive but excellent biwire speaker cable to the latest generation of Elrod speaker cables (biwire, shotgun), to use with the latest Spectron monoblocks. The Elrod cables have added warmth and richness, without sacrificing the Spectron's ability to provide quickness and detail. A very nice combination.






Just received this speaker cable - "Elrod Silver Signature". Right out the box, cold - extraordinarely bass...I thought my B&W 802N with pair of Spectron monoblocks are "kings" in that area - with this cable its someting unbelievable, I never knew what is good (magnificent!) bass before

I don't want to write any more - I am going back to listen
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Wow, you got those quick! I have a pair on order. I was told 3 weeks but maybe I'll get lucky.
For those of you not using the Elrods, what other speaker cables are you using on the mono MusIII?

The need to wire these using only the pos terminals of each speaker connection on the amps requires cables with the capability to separate the pos/neg legs of each cable widely (12 inches or so), and nothing I have to hand worked (MIT t2 biwires, Audio Art SC5, both of which cannot reach and I don't want to perform surgery on them) so I am temporarily running my own 12awg cables that I can make work here. What other cables work well and have this reach?

I purchased speaker cable from Greg Straley. His website shows only one speaker cable, but he also offers different wire he recommends for Class-D. This cable is thicker, single strand per terminal versus the thinner dual strand per terminal of his standard. Both cables are wound around each other and have heat shrink sleeves at each ends, one of which shows the direction flow to the speaker. I have 2 of the Spectron III, Mk2's, but have not yet wired them as monoblock. Each of my speakers have a panel and a woofer module, so each amp runs a panel and a woofer module. I tested both Greg's standard and the optional cable and ended up going for the optional cable on both panel and woofer module. The optional cable, for me, was more forward, detailed, and presented more bass impact. I would go with his standard cable if your system was already on the bright side. I do anticipate I will go down the monoblock path with the Spectrons, but will require 2 more amp channels for my woofer modules when I do so. In anticipation of doing this, I requested Greg add one more heat shrink tube for a pair of the option cables. This extra tube has not been shrunk and is loosely on the cables. When I try the monoblock configuration, I will cut the current sleeve to allow me to unwind enough cable for the width of the amps. Depending on whether I stay with monoblock or go back to 2-channel configuration, I will shrink the extra tubing to secure the cable. Greg's cables are very reasonable in pricing, and he allows you a return period to audition. I had him initially send me both standard and option to audition both to compare. I recommend working with him.

Hello Oscar,

Elrod cables can be used in one stereo amp as a pair or in two monoblock amplifiers as a quartet - all the same, four separate cables - no changes. Each positive and each neative cable has not only its separate tubing but also its own separate vibration control and shielding. You can have regular termination (this is that I have, WBT NextGen silver) or (with Spectron Audio permission) Speakon termination - your choice. You must be aware that with Speakon - stereo and mono terminations are different so if you bought stereo pair and want to use them later on for monoblocks - you will need re-terminate it (by Elrod, Specron etc)

Hello Azwill - what is the web site of Greg Straley.
Are his cables any good? For example, if he made power cords are they comprable to older Elrod power cords? (I am saying older because Elrod is introducing nex generation of power cables, IC and speaker cables)

Thank you
I am using Grover Huffman's cables - I ordered a 3 foot only pair as I have outboard crossovers. Prior to that I used some temp audioquest cables and they did what they needed to. Grover's cables were more clearly refined, lower noise floor and open sounding; but on the scale of improvements the difference between stereo and monoblock's was shockingly more obvious.

Anyway, I liked what I heard from Grover's cables so much that I ordered 2 power cords and a phono cable from him, to arrive shortly. All his cables are hand made to order and are terrific value.

Gregg Straley's site is http://www.realitycables.com/ I don't believe he does power cords, just speaker cable and IC's. The website only shows his standard speaker cable. If you do have interest, he is generally available after 5:00 PM in Illinois--his phone number is on his website.

Thank you Azwill, I actually auditioned Reality Cables and simply did not know the name of the manufacturer. For the speaker cable of a few hundred dollar cost - they may be one of the best, I would fully agree with you.

However, Elrod cables - its not even another class , its another dimension. Sorry. Even people who used to Elrod sonic signature in his power cords are for surprise - and even for power cords - he produces next generation of them. Much more 3D, much more "there" factor, much more details - like reflections from walls etc making sound much more REAL..............

Thank you again

All The Best
Anyone using a power conditioner with their MusIIIs?
I received and hooked up the new Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables last night. First impressions...WOW. Someone pulled the blanket off my speakers. I will take a shot at writing a more detailed review next week after more listening.
Where are you folks getting your Elrod cables, there's scant info on dealers that I can find.....
For some reason, my answer to Oscar44 question doesn't get posted. Try contacting Joule Electra and they'll be able to give you Elrod Systems contact information.



A few days ago, I have received Elrod Signature Speaker Cable - the last geberation ( I owned his prototype cables) and truly its beyond my expectation. The presence and three-dimensionality of the sound stage, the weight and authority of the bass, the exquisite details - are all so much better then "old" Elrod that I believe addition of these cables is truly equivalent of buying new power amp and certainly much more improvment then going from stereo to fully balanced monoblocks.

Thank you
Fellow Spectron owners. I strongly urge you to try to get your hands on the new Elrod Silver Signature speaker cables.

I posted a review here:

Hello Bostonbean,

Very nice review. It's not surprising that after adding the Elrod Silver Signature SC your system has much more resolve. David Elrod set to design a speaker cable taking into account the great capabilities of today's powerful amps.




Thank you. I still can't get over what kind of effect the Elrod Silver speaker cables have had on my system. And from what I see drifting in others are getting the same results.


Hello Bostonbean, iSancez and all others.
Yesterday, I added Elrod Gold Statement Power Cord to my system (between wall and power conditioner so it benefirs all componenents including my Spectron monoblocks) and almost died and went in heaven...or vice-versa. I wrote nice letter to David and then decided to place it as the review here on Aufiogon (Product Reviews/Cables section). I know - what serious person writes review after a few hours of listening? So, I am not serious - I decided I can and should and I did.

Good Luck
Hi Simon, I enjoyed reading your review of the Elrod Gold Statement power cord. I just put the Silver Statement power cord into my system but directly from the wall into my Spectron amp. I have had many of the same results as you though the Gold's results are I'm sure more so. It did, though, take a few days for the Silver's to settle into my system, or maybe the reverse of that. Kind of like my amp and speakers were using muscles they had never used before.

I will probably write a full review but I will quickly say this. The increased clarity is phenomenal. And the increased clarity results in increased presence. It is like the musicians/instruments/vocalists have been dropped in front of me in my living room. That is the increased perceived volume you are hearing I believe.
"It is like the musicians/instruments/vocalists have been dropped in front of me in my living room. That is the increased perceived volume you are hearing I believe. "

You are probably right and it is highly possible but I decided not to speculate as to the reason why I moved volume control one notch down (2.5 - 3 dB) - just report what I heard and what I felt. With my current panel speakers - you need a lots of air to move to create the bass comparable to that of huge subwofers I owned before - and when I heard it but 10 times better (TIGHT - I did not know what really tight bass is until I heard it, felt it and rich and deep...)

I did not auditioned Elrod silver power cords but I own his older Statement (and Signature) cords and the difference, for me at least, was shocking.

Thank you
Hi Simon,

Nice review! I recently added the Statement Silver Power Cord in my system. I was looking for a power cord specifically for my Joule Electra Marianne Memorial Edition preamp. This cord, from day one, brought up more clarity, transparency and tighter/deeper bass to the sound presentation. The sound just pops with uncanny control and speed, particularly the bass notes. The mid-range has very life-like tonal balance and the highs are just pristine.

During the time I've had this cord, I've been taken for a quite unexpected ride. Adding this cord didn't feel or sound like adding a power cord, but more like adding an audio component. I guess this must be one of the reasons why the company is called Elrod Power Systems.

This raises the question of how blacker can black get. Well, with this cord, and borrowing from the paint industry's way of naming products, I'll call it spooky black.



Hello Isanchez,

While I did not compare directly Silver versus Gold Statement power cords I compared the Gold with the old Statement I owned and results of my observation are in my review.

I know much, much better David Elrod speaker cables - all of them except $21k Statement (sorry) and I believe and David also told me many times that speaker cables and power cords have similar sonic signature. If so then by comparing Silver speaker cables with Gold I must tell you that while there are many similarities its day/night difference.

I wanted to upgrade my power cord feeding my CD Player by Silver Signature and I ordered...Gold Statement (I could not help it....) which David kindly promised to build before lunch but didn't yet..;--)
-actually, for the records it takes about 10-14 days to build Elrod cable.

Thank you
Fellow Spectron owners, I have had the Elrod Signature Silver speaker cables for a little over a month and I just added the Elrod Statement Silver Power cord a couple of weeks ago. I have already written a glowing review of the speaker cables and I will probably do the same for the power cord.

Times are tough but if you can swing it these are the cables to go with your Spectrons (and probably most other amps). Both the Elrod speaker cables and power cords will have your Spectrons working at their optimum. This is synergy in spades.