Spectron hybrid plus monoblocks vs. Musician 3

Wondering what you though of running two Spectron hybrid amps in a monoblock configuration or running a single Spectron Musician 3? On the used market the cost would be about the same.

I realize the new Spectron has better caps but I am not sure of all the differences between the two. Also, would the extra power of the monoblocks over ride the quality difference of the single amp.

Usually one amp is plenty with these units but I am running an older set of Soundlab A-1's and they new all the power they can get.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Lance:
I recently picked up a Spectron Musician III (not the SE mk ii version). I'm very happy with it, although I've had a lot of changes in my system lately, so it's hard to really judge just how it compares to previous amps I've had. I am very happy though. I haven't compared it to one of the Hybrids, but one advangage of going the Musician III route is that you can upgrade to the SE Mk ii later on, at your leisure. I really like having that upgrade path available. Whereas, if you go with the hybrids, if you get the upgrade itch later, you'll have to take more radical (amp replacement) steps.

Good luck in your choice. I'm looking forward to upgrading to SE MkII later on, followed possibly by monoblocks.