Spectron Audio Out Of Business?

Hi All,

Has anyone had any contact with Spectron Audio over the last few months? I have an amp of theirs that needs repair and it seems they do not answer emails or either of their phones. You can’t even leave a phone message.

Can anyone out there suggest a technician in Los Angeles who might be able to repair a Spectron Musician amp?

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Has anyone had contact with Spectron recently?
Since they are not answering their 2 phones or email I believe that Manh has ended the business with no notification.  It seems he could have sold the patent technology and remaining parts to someone so that their products could at least be repaired.  I have 2 of their amps that need repair.  I plan, since I live about 45 miles from his home address where the business was last located to drive and check out the property and see whats up.
I tried contacting them by phone and email several months ago. No luck. The website appears updated with at least a new mobile number, but that goes to a mailbox without options.  
Brooks Berdan Tech is amazing
in Monrovia

Thanks tomic601! He’s like 30 min away from me.

Geordidog I was thinking about doing the same thing. I’m in Burbank.  We could both drive up and bang on the door...lol.

Let me know what you find out.

Also are there any audiophile groups here in or around LA, Burbank? I’d like some perspective on my setup.

That's a bummer. Those are darn good amps.
The LA/Orange County Audio Society is the largest such group in the country. They do monthly events at local dealers including Brooks Berdan. If you attend an event or two I’m sure you can make some friends who would be willing to give you an opinion or 3.
@clio09 has it right a fantastic organization with very active event calendar 
call Brooks Berdan Tech first as he is only in certain days...Wednesday/sat come to memory but a call will confirm

Right you are tomic601. The tech's name is Tom Carione, in the store on Wednesdays and Saturdays. His other job is the service manager at a major radio or TV (I don't remember which) station in Los Angeles, and he REALLY knows his stuff, tube and solid state.
I have the same problem.  The sad news is that a simple Google search reveals the obituaries of both John and Toni Ulrick, RIP. 

Fairly safe to assume that the business has been closed down although there was a young technician working in the shop on Os Ave in Chatsworth, CA.  Don't know his name though.
I also need some repairs done on the power module out of the MKII  which Mr Manh has done several times for me.
If anyone knows where I can get these power modules repaired please let me know.
Thank you Terry
My Spectron has been at George Meyer AV for well over a month....still no estimate for them on repair costs. 

Yes if someone knows Mr. Manh it would be really nice if they could ask him to help us. 
Take your amp to another electronics repair shop. 
@celander please suggestion another shop. I already tried Brooks Berdan.

try george myers in santa monica or solutions in los angeles.
I had Deltronics out of Chicago rebalance my Spectron Audio Digital One amp. No issues. 
Call them and speak to their head tech before sending it out to them if you’re out of state. 
Contacted both George Meyers and Deltronics and a few other repair shops about repairs on my MIII MKII without any luck.
I was made to understand from these shops that Spectron circuit diagrams are unavailable and their power modules are custom built by Spectron there is no available support.
Contacting Mr Manh is a dead end also.
No one is slightly interested repairing Spectron amps.
So I am asking for any leads.
My amp is also at George Meyer. They can’t find anyone Spectron related who will repair the amps.

i sent Mr Manh a personal letter via snail mail and received no reply.

why can’t someone just share the schematics?

I had my amp for all of 2 hours before is went into fault mode. Now I have a $2000 paper weight.

help. please help.
Send it to Deltronics in Chicago. 
why can’t someone just share the schematics?
Is this the same Spectron Audio as
I spoke to Deltronics Chiicago (previously contacted the wrong Deltronics) and they told me ship them my amp for repairs.
She said that they have fixed Spectrons in the past.
I will post as things get better.
Thank you

Yes that is the correct website
Right but have they fixed them since Spectron went out of business and there are no parts?

John Ulrick of Spectron Audio passed away a few years ago. I don’t know if his widow is still alive to inquire about spec design sheets. She ran the front office unit of the business. I think an business partner took over and shuttered the operation.

Deltronics (on N. Halsted St. in Chicago) has a solid reputation. They don’t always need an electronic spec if they can identify and replace defective parts. Caps (or FETs) are likely culprits to go out in these designs.

They just recapped one of my ExactPower conditioners last week without needing a spec. And that particular item was one that they needed a spec for to resurrect a second, completely dead, ExactPower conditioner I bought from a high-end dealer on EBay for parts about 5 years ago. Luckily, I had that spec sheet from the original design team.
Deltronics usually doesn’t contact manufacturers for OEM parts. At least that is my experience. They fix everything in house with available parts on hand per identified part(s) specs. 
Thank you
I will be shipping to Deltronics as soon as my amp is returned from the tek shop I sent to. 
The shop told me that one of my power modules is blown and since this is a Spectron custom built it is very difficult to obtain the correct parts for repairs.This is what I am afraid of. I have 3 amps and for the past 10 years I must returned modules to Mr Manh over 10 times for repairs.

A bit of the topic, what amps are you considering replacing your Spectrons ?
I really love the music out of the Spectrons and really enjoyed for the past 10 years.
I came from Pass Labs X350.5s and X600.5s and since then never audition any other amps.
Merrill Audio and Nord is on my list so far, but, never seen or heard them.
If you have manged to find amps close to Spectrons please post.

Any progress with your Spectron?
No sir. Wish someone associated with business or the former ownership would take some care or interest in these excellent creations.
Three shops that I have sent one of my Spectrons to are unable to carry out repairs on the power modules.
It is now believed that the large black custom IC is defected.
There is no info printed on this component and none of the techs knows what it is, apart from hand written sharpie numbers  470 and 465kc / Nat 33c and 464kc, these must be Spectrons coding.
A fellow tech at work replaced all 3 Wima caps and the 2 power mos fets and still no go, he also thinks that the unknown black IC is at fault.
I am really hoping that we get lucky and some ex-Spectron tech find this forum who may be able to help us.
I wonder what has become Spectron's inventory of spare parts, tools, testing equipment etc?
Both of Mr Manh's numbers are disconnected and emails bounce back.
The amps were assembled in CA so there must be several ex-employees around.

I’m just gonna sell mine for parts....

Keep your eyes open.