Spectron Amps: power on all the time? Tube Pre?


I've got a Spectron Musician 3SE MK2 an ARC LS26 tube preamp. I really love this amp/pre combo but I have a question/problem . . .

It's been recommended to leave the Spectron on at all times.
My ARC LS26 preamp has tubes and it is recommended to leave it off when not in use. When powering up the system, I've been instructed to always turn the amp ON LAST, OFF FIRST. I was told that something rather spectacular and disastrous can happen to your speakers or gear if you don't follow this rule. So I religiously power cycle the amp each time I listen to music. What would happen if I left the amp on and only power cycled the preamp (didn't follow the rule)? Is there a danger to turning the Spectron on/off regularly?

My preference is to power down the whole system when not in use as I also have a strong desire to conserve electricity and do good for mother nature. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.

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When powering up the system, I've been instructed to always turn the amp ON LAST, OFF FIRST
Yes, its absolutely true. Yet you will have much better sound keeping the amp ON all the time.

I have also tube preamp and I have been in your position. Solution for this or any other problem - call Spectron, you always will get the best advise.

I called and the solution is to use your XLR/RCA switch as mute switch. If you use XLR, for example then if you want to turn off your tube preamp then switch Spectron input to RCA - if you don't have interconnect there then you are practically turn the amp off - as far as preamp is concern...and vice-versa

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Thanks for the reply. I guess I was over-thinking here. My preamp is automatically muted for the first minute so I can leave the amp on and shut down the rest of the system. Your suggestion is also a good one, although it is certainly less convenient to reach behind. i guess this is case closed.
I have my Spectron amp on 24x7 and my BAT VK31SE is absolutely dead silence whenever it turns on. It also has the delay start feature and not sure this is the reason there is no pop or any unwanted noise out from the amp.
I use a Supratek Sauvignon tube pre-amp with my Spectron and have no problems shutting down the pre with the amp on.

If you have a mute switch or even better a HT bypass switch use that before shutting the pre. You should have no problems, always lower your volume firsthand.