Spectral vs Pass

witch amp are better:pass 350 or spectral 360?
sounds are comletly different.but level also.spectral 360 is a reference product.
whatever that means
Why is, in your opinion, the Pass not considered a reference product?
pass s reference model is 1000 mono s.it why you can t compare pass 350 with spectral 360.i mean you can compare mercedes 600 with bmw 740 but you cant compare mercedes 600 with bmw 320 it s not same level.but it doesnt mean that bmw 320 is not a good car.
Adsal, in your post you say that the 360 is a reference product. In your opinion, what makes it a reference? Based on your post, I assume it is because the 360's and the X-1000 are the top of the line and the person is comparing the X-350 (mid-line product) to Spectral's top of the line.
Makes sense. However, assuming that a company's top of the line is a reference piece just because it is the top of the line is a flawed assumption. There are many cases where a company's lower priced offerings have sounded better than the top of the line. One example that comes to mind is the Pass X-1000 (according to you Pass' reference product) and its smaller brother, the X-600. Both are excellent amplifiers but the X-600 is more musical. If I didn't need the extra power, I would get the X-600 because it does sound better.

I do agree that comparing the X-350 to a 360 is not a fair comparison based upon cost and one being a mono and the other being a stereo chassis.

I made my comment because I found your original post to be unclear.
Well, it's been nine years since this thread was started. Products have changed, especially the new Pass amps. How would the Spectral 360 mark II compare to the Pass Labs XA160.5? Similar power at 4 ohms and price.
I think extensive home audition would be the best way to settle this. Why not send me review pairs of each, and I'll get back to you in 9 years :)