Spectral SDR 2000SL about

Oppo 105D to an Alpha Dac. Where does the sound quality lie?
I'm kind of wondering why you bought a 105 and then hooked it up to a DAC? The whole point of buying the 105 over the 103, which is less than 1/2 the price) is for the DACs in the 105...

I don't think the OP is using the Oppo as a transport for an Alpha Dac. It looks like he is asking how good the Spectral is, using the Oppo as a low price point, and the Alpha as an upper limit.
My point: does the Alpha DAC, using the eminently practical Oppo 105D as a transport, provide a significant upgrade to the sound of the 105D? Is it worthwhile? Would that combination improve the sound of online radios and other downloads? Thanks.
I wish the moderators would change the strange heading they put on this thread to: Oppo 105D and Alpha Dac 1.
Moderators where did you get the heading for this thread? It's an obvious error. Please change to Alpha Dac with Oppo 105D.