Spectral pre-amp through Pioneer Elite receiver?


I just acquired a pre-amp that's been sitting unused for the last 8 years. It's a Spectral DMC-10 and from what I gather, it and it's external power supply are in perfect shape.

I haven't had a turntable in ages, so my question is how to integrate this pre-amp and a new inexpensive (for the moment) turntable into my home theater system. I have a Rega RP1 table that I'm gonna toss into the mix and hopefully add a more substantial table later. I'm guessing it's considered blasphemy to hook a table of this price point to a Spectral pre-amp, then loop it through my Pioneer Elite receiver (which is just my pre-pro to dual Rotel power amps) but that's really my only option.

I know I can figure all this out for myself as soon as I dive in and do a little trial and error, but I'm wondering what some opinions might be. For fun I suppose. :) Will hooking the Spectral pre-amp through the receiver (tape loop?)be defeating the purpose of such a nice pre-amp? Will I hear a significant difference between that and the alternative of not using the Spectral at all & just running the RP1 through the Elite's phone stage?

Any feedback appreciated.
Plug your TT into the Spectral and go directly into your Rotel amps. Bypass the Pioneer altogether. If you have any other sources, like a CD player, plug them into the Spectral as well. For music, that's just the best way to go.