Spectral MH-750 UL Series II

Anyone know the MSRP and street price of the above speaker cable? Can anyone who has "heard" both this speaker cable and the Spectral MH-770 UL CVTerminator Reference speaker cable (vintage c. 1995) in a Spectral system describe the sonic difference? My system includes a DMC-12, DMA-90, and Spectral MI-350 UL CVTeminator Reference interconnects (vintage c. 1995). Thanks in advance.
I would not worry about the difference between the 750 and
the 770. If you like Spectral get a newer preamp to replace
the DMC 12( IMO ).
I have had mh770s in my system for quite some time now with newer Threshold amps and larger Duntec speakers. It seems to be a nice combination, sound is warm, open and airy. These cables are endorsed by Spectral, and I have heard, though not certain on this, that use of any other cable could void the Spectral warrenty. I also have the mh750s on the front channels of a 5.1 system, but have never put them in the higher end 2-ch system (yet).
Regards Dave
Thanks, Drjoe and Dfrost, for your input. I've just agreed to purchase a pair of pre-owned Spectral/MIT MH-750 UL Series II speaker cables (from another Audiogon member). As soon as they arrive, I'll begin auditioning monitor-type speakers at home. I've been listening to some not-quite-broken-in ATC SCM-11's at the high-end audio shop in my area. I'm really impressed by their sound. I hope to have a listen to these, and maybe the SCM-19's, too, at home on my modest Spectral system. Anyone have any experience with this combination? (I'll post this on the speakers' forum, also.)
I'm not sure there is such a thing as a "modest" Spectral system. Good-luck, Im sure it will come together nicely.
I noticed your thread on the ATC speakers your purchasing too. I have about 20 plus years of history with upgrading Spectral components. You can check the thread, ( Spectral DMA-180 questions ). I would replace the amp later,( DMA-150 S2 is a nice match). I would recommend replacing the DMC-12 with a DMC-15 S1 or S2. The 12 has a lean bottom end, slightly brighter, colored mid-top end, with a higher noise floor, less resolution,etc. Then the 15 in any series. There is a 15 on AudioGon. The latest 15SS is even better but not a cost effective upgrade for your system. I don't know what source you are using or if any line conditioning. As for cables. I would rec replacing the stock power cords with a MIT Z-Cord 2 and SPK and INT with MIT V2.1 Ultra wide SPK, RCA INT. The V2.1 prices are drooping with all the newer MIT .2 .3 series cables. With these upgrades your system would be brought to another level. A much warmer, fuller more involved presentation.
Thanks for the upgrade/tweaking suggestions, Drjoe and Lawrence_carmel. I bought my Spectral stuff (except for the speaker cables) and a CAL Icon Mk II new c. 1995 after listening to this system playing through some Thiels at Progressive Audio in Columbus OH. I almost immediately sent the Icon off for the HDCD "Boss" upgrade. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to music played on these components through my college speakers (small, three-way, acoustic suspension B&O Beovox 3702 monitors purchased new c. 1975) for quite a long while. My system hasn't been powered up for about five years. The idea now is to acquire speaker cables (on the way), then speakers (preferably small, accurate, sealed boxes to listen to at only moderate SPL's in smaller rooms), and then a new digital front end. ... And then maybe an analog front end eventually. Other upgrading/tweaking will have to wait a long bit, I'm afraid. Thanks again.