Spectral MCR Signature Cartridge Advice

I was gifted with a NOS Spectral MCR Signature cartridge. Internet searches did not turn up much information other than many of them for sale in the past were re-tipped. Additionally, a friend of mine knew someone back in the day whose stylus disappeared after about two months use. Visually, the stylus and cantilever do not appear robust, almost requiring a magnifying glass, making me fear that my fine motor skills are not up to the mounting task. The MCR would be replacing a van den Hul MC2 in a VPI tonearm (a cartridge I would not consider replacing other than this gift). Preamp is a McIntosh C2300. So, where does the MCR stand in the pantheon of cartridges? Is it robust? Anything I should know? Thanks in advance!
do you still have the Spectral cartridge?
I have owned both the Spectral MCR and MCR Signature. The Signature is / was a great cartridge. Bass was superb. It is even better all around used "nude" / headshell removed.
I do believe these were made by Lyra for Spectral. They will not re-tip them. A re-tip by anyone else with not be the same.
If you are not confident in mounting it; have some who is, do it. I agree, the cantilever is not robust. Take care when cueing. It had superior specs in its day.
Dear @nkonor: Maybe a misunderstood by your part because Spectral as Lyra cartridges were and are manufactured by Scan-Tech in Japan.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC not DISTORTIONS,

Thank you for nudging the brain cells. That's why I put the two together. I did like the Spectrals and perhaps that is why I continue to have Lyra's.  Currently a Kleos on my LP 12 and a Dynavector XX2 mkII on my Kuzma for a bit of change.

Thanks again, Enjoy the holiday wk-end.