Spectral DMC10-12 phono stage gain

Hi all,
I've read on the specifications of Spectral DMC10 and DMC12 that their phono section has maximum gain 40dB (MC); but I've also read that these preamps themselves have high gain, 30 or 36dB if I don't go wrong in reading the specs.
The question is: would they match my Lyra Delos cartridge, which is 0.6mV output and generally needs at least 50dB gain or more ?
Up to date I've used it with 55db gain of a Klyne 6LE/P into an ARC LS7 (13 db gain): does it mean I have overall 55+13 = 68 dB gain or... not ?
I mean: should I simply sum up the phono gain with the line stage gain or are they separate and independent values, not to be mixed up ?

thanks, ciao
The phono stage and line stage gain values can be summed up. So the Spectral combo should have a gain of 70 or 76 dB versus your current Klyne/ARC combo gain of 68 dB.

thanks, John, useful as usual :)
I own the Spectral DMC 12, and thought that it would provide the gain necessary for my Dynavector XV 1S cartridge. You are running at 12 oclock on the preamp, and you run out of headroom on strong passages.