Spectral DMC-90's as Mono Amps?

Anyone here have experience running a Spectral DMC-90, "bridged" (i.e., as a mono amp)? Can you describe the experience?

I own a DMA-90 (which I purchased new, ca. 1995) with which I continue to be extremely satisfied. I am in the hunt (still!) for speakers, and several models of speaker at the top of my list probably demand more horsepower than my single DMA-90 can muster. It occurred to me that, rather than purchase a new higher-horsepower amp (and sell my DMA-90), I could purchase a second DMA-90, same approximate vintage as my own, and run each DMA-90 "bridged", one DMA-90 per stereo speaker. (What do you think of this idea?)

Thanks in advance.

I telephoned Spectral a couple days ago and was transferred to "Mark" in the service department for a brief but informative conversation. I learned from him: (1) In general, if a Spectral amp seems to be working fine, there is absolutely no need to send it in for evaluation/service. (2) Even a 20-year-old Spectral amp is still quite young; they are designed and built to mil spec standards. And (3) the DMA-90, in particular, is an extremely robust amp, quite bullet-proof!

So, it seems my concerns about maintaining a--another--nearly 20-year-old Spectral DMA-90 would seem to be unfounded, which is terrific news!
Sorry for not looking at the Audiogon forums for awhile.
I had a pair of the DMA-90 fore-runners: DMA-50s. I much preferred a single DMA-50 to run my Acoustat 2+2s. And it played loud enough for sure. Actually I liked it better than the DMA-200. Had the DMC-10 as the pre-amp with all MIT cables. This was my secondary, party it up rock and roll system.I have had alot of Spectral over the years and can say the amps are rock solid and if something goes wrong, Spectral will repair it.
Thanks, Shubertmaniac, for describing your experience with bridged DMA-50's.

Based on what I've read in this thread and elsewhere on the Web, I've just made the decision to forgo purchasing a second DMA-90 with the intention of running both in bridged mode.

Instead, my intention now is to think carefully about whether I actually *need* the additional SPL's that more power would allow. If so, and if I ultimately decide to purchase the inefficient monitors I've targeted, I'll endeavor to purchase a newer, higher-power Spectral amp.

Thank you to all of you who responded here. You've been a great help!

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