Spectral DMC 30SS& DMA 250, need advice

I have the amps and 350/770 cables comming next week, like to know should I use MIT power cords and powerstrips or sthg else. I have some K-S Emotions PC on hand.
Room is 16x20' with 13' ceiling, Metronome T2i CDP and Eggleston The Nine speakers.
I suggest you listen and then decide. Spectral is particular about interconnects, at least so they say, but from what I know, not with power cords. I had the same DMC 30 with the 360 monos and used other pcs with good effect. Cannnot recall which though.
I'm sure you'll have great sound regardless; however the MIT really is like phoey dust "magic" with the 'ultrawide bandwidth" Spectral gear.
I use Spectral and am always very pleasantly at the unexpected benefits accruing from moving up the MIT power cable products (as well as the incredible benefits of their power conditioning/isolation products). I'd give them a try. MIT is a different class of "technical" product. If nothing else try the non-networked Oracle AC3 which provides excellent power transfer. Feel free to contact me.
There is a problem, in my part of the World there are no MIT distributors. I have Shunyata, PS Audio, Audience, Isotek and Nordost.
spectral loves spectral cords
Again - sorry gentlemen to partly disagree - Spectral also loves other cords. I've lived with Spectral for a long time, have used their cords and still have their power conditioning but have found that Spectral's love can be fickle, as far as powercords are concerned. They live happily in sin with other wire as well. So Teddy bear don't worry, experiment and use your ears.
I would call Spectral.
Keithr, please forgive me, but what would you expect them to say: "Yes please use a powercord from our competition". Do you really believe that? Whatever, this is powercords not interconnects and even there, I remember when the Spectral 360 monos were being reviewed by Harry Pearson of the Absolute Sound many years ago, against all warnings, he used Nordost ics with good effect.....and so did I for many years and only switched to MIT later, thanks to the good services of Equus Audio, because I preferred the sound. Not so with powercords though, wished I could remember which I used. All I remember is that I used Bybee tails on them with good effect.
Spectral's and 350/770 ULII are in the house burning in. I'm using Kubala-Sosna Emotion power cords and the sound is outstanding right out of the box, so much more details, authority, ...
I'm using them in my second system with Metronome CD5i sig and Marten Miles III speakers.
Great! Happy listening!
I have some Jorma NO1 and Prime IC's and No 1 SC's but am afraid of killing the amps.
Detlof- i was just saying that as there were no distributors in his part of the world.


My apologies Keith, I see your point of course.
Teddy, I am not familiar with those cables. the SC's are nothing to worry about, it is the IC's Spectral is warning about. If I were in your shoes, I'd try those IC's softly at first at low SPL and see what happens. Probably nothing, but then you can never be sure. Maybe follow Keith's advice after all, or get in touch with Joe Abrams of Equus Audio. He advertises here on A. He is very kind and helpful. Give him my regards and say I sent you.
Thank you vey much, SC is what I worry about. Spectral has special filter inside SC network.
I had hoped someone other would have taken this up, but then:
Teddy, These networks MIT uses to voice their SCs with. But then you can use any other decent SCs with your gear, as my experience has shown. I had used MIT but also NordOst. If in doubt, ask Joe, as I had suggested before and give him my regards.
Hi Detlof, I have send an email to Joe on =ct 28th but haven't got answer yet.
Hi Teddy_bear,
I have been using PS Audio SC series PC on my DMA 100S amp for several years based on advice that Rick Fryer does not recommend networked cables on amps. On the SDR 4000S and DMC 30SL I use MIT Z II plugged into MIT Iso Duo isolation device. There is also a Z Stabiliser plugged in next to the amp. Remember to think of all of these components as part of a coherent system. Mix and match with care! Enjoy your new amp/pre they are as good as it gets!
I have moved from Egglestons to Marten Miles III, I like them very much, using Emotion PC and one IC.
I'm using isolation platforms under CDP and Power amp.
Some clarification.
I received my Spectral ref gear with common OEM power cords, nothing special whatsoever.
The SCs-speaker cables- "are important" with at least "some" Spectral amps and Spectral advises so in their literature. That is why they sell custom SCs made for them by MIT.
Knome, it will boggle your mind to step up to at least Shotgun AC2 power cord for your SDR 4000S. The Z Cord ll is entirely inadaquate for that level player. I use Oracle.
Joe Abrams has been an excellent person to do business with and is exceptionally knowledgable about MIT products and their use with Spectral equipment.
If anyone cares, I have a 30SL G2 with a DMA 250 and am using custom power cords from Home Depot, 6 and 10 AWG, with Wattgate plugs, with little or no difference from stock cable. The improvement came in when I plugged them into an MIT Z Strip - incredible improvement, actually.