Spectral DMC-30SL ,which CD player????

I just purchased used from an Audiogon member
my dream preamp the Spectral DMC-30SL. My god
what a ruthless preamp. Whatever comes out of
my current cd players, Resolution CD-50, Rega
Planet, and even tried my very old Mission 700,
it just magnifies, that includes the grunge the
cd player makes besides the music. It is just
unmerciful!!! So I need a topend cd player now!
But which one?? A very clean one which would
mate with an all Spectral electronic setup, speakers
being the Acoustat 2+2s and Avalon Radians. I
do not have the cash for the Spectral SDR2000/3000
combo (that's around $7000, these days). I have
around $2500 right now. Does anybody have any
experience with the Resolution CD55, the new Resolution
Suite 21, or the Gamut CD. I prefer clean with no
digital artifacts, with a more analytical presentation.
Do any of the above foot the bill? any others?
Tubed Cd players may not apply, at this time.
Thanks George
I had the Resolution CD-55 for a few months, then sold it for the EMC-1. I thought both were superb players, but if you hear grunge from your CD-50 perhaps the CD-55 won't cut it. I thought the two players were very comparable. I am now looking to buy a CD-55 again! When the price is right.
It was just a great redbook CD player in both of my systems.
How about looking into some reference mods by Steve Huntley for your Resolution Audio CD50? www.greatnorthernsound.com

Steve can at least give you his thoughts; the consensus is that he is a real expert.
I have a Spectral DMC-30S. I have been delighted with the performance of my Perpetual Technologies P-1A/P-3A (the latter includes the ModWright Sig II mods).

I had completely abandoned digital for vinyl up until puchasing the PT combo early this year. Digital became surprisingly listenable after the Modwright mod because it significantly reduced digital grunge. My appreciation for the PT stuff became even greater after adding a Spectral preamp and amp late this summer.

Unfortunately though, there are a great many CDs that do seem to sound sound a lot worse to me now. I believe that's one downside to the fact that the Spectral preamp is so highly resolving. I don't believe that a better CD player will make some CDs sound any better either. I had auditioned a complete Spectral system fronted by the Spectral SDR2000/3000 combo. Well recorded CDs sounded better than ever -- but the few CDs I knew to be not-so-great were nearly unlistenable.

No it is not the quality of the cds themselves,I think it is
the quality of the DACs and the quality of the analog
section afterwards. DMC-30sl makes the Resolution and the
Rega sound like a first generation cd player, ie my Mission.
I admit now I am a little taken back by what I hear, that
with such a high quality preamp, that anything less than
perfection from the source will be a let down. Welcome to
the ultra high end.
Spectral is coming out with a CD player (one unit) next spring.