Spectral DMC 30sl

Recently purchased this pre amp from a fellow audiogoner. This is replacing a DMC 12, which is usually left in the powered on state. Is the DMC 30 unit meant to be left on, or powered off when not in use. I could not ascertain from the owners manual. The power switch is on the back next to the line cord, fairly incovenient.
leave it on
I have just a little experience here in Italy in Spectral's preamps (DMC-10, 20 and 30SS) which I heard many many many times in the audio system of my best friend. The only thing I can tell you is that all Spectral preamps do their best if they are plugged "ON" all the time (obviously it can't be recommended when you're out of your home for a few days just for safety and power consumption).
After a long period when they are not plugged in, all models sound a little bit thin and flat; IMHO they need at least one day "ON" before make a critical listening test.
my two cents
Thanks, I did find the section in the manual that instructs to leave it on. It does run warm, and I replaced the acrylic top with the metal one, should be a better conductor. Otherwise, this is an major upgrade from my DMC 12, no slouch in imaging and clarity. Hoping that Spectral will get back in the phono business again.
Wait till you get to the 30SS S2. A phono unit is also expected soon