Spectral DMC-30 pre amp-Upgrade to 30S

I have a Spectral DMC-30 pre amp, which is now upgradable to the DMC-30S specification for $995.

I am curious if anyone has feedback after having this upgrade done or from doing an A/B comparrison of the two versions of this pre.

I am considering an upgrade to one component next year.

My front end is an Electrocompaniet EMC1 MK II (24/192.) There is now an upgrade avail for this as well, for $800.

I am debating on which upgrade would offer more return for the investment...the cd player or the pre amp.

Any input on the Spectral upgrade would be appreciated.

I originally had a Spectral/Avalon system consisting of the DMC-20 Preamp, and the DMA -180 amp. The front end was the Accuphase DP-75V CD, and the speakers
were the Avalon Opus. This was a wonderful system,
with all the detail and resolution you would expect from Spectral, along with a real musicality.
I then got the upgrade bug, and traded up the pre and the amp to the DMC-30S, and the DMA-150 Series II.
I don't know exactly where the problem was, but I completely lost the musicality that was so special.
This new system was bright and edgy, with real grain
in the highs. A major disappointment, to the extent that I am now running an all tube system, and feel that I have finally gotten back to where I was.
Moral of the story: Beware of the upgrade. It is not always what it is cracked up to be

Good Luck
I have the DMC-30 with the Spectral Monoblocks and am considering the same upgrade. Speakers are Martin Logan Prodigy's with a Linn CD 12 front end. I plan on borrowing the 30S from my local dealer and will soon do an in-house A/B. I send my thoughts on asap.