Spectral DMC 20 Series 2 vs, Spectral DMC 30 SL?

Any insights on these preamplifiers? Some comments made that the older spectral DMC 20 Series 2 is even better in some aspects??
FYI the DMA 20 s2 is clearly better than the series 1. I was able to compare both some time ago when I owned the series 2. If you like the Spectral sound and want phono the DMA 20 is a great preamp. I can't comment on," is the 20 better than the 30sl because it has been too long since I owned the DMA20." I now own
the 30sl with generation 2 SHAA modules. ( I had my preamp updated )They are better than genaration 1 and worth the cost IMHO.
Better bass, dynamics in particular, Any personal questions feel free to e-mail me at drjoe@hotmail.com.
Hope this helps, Joe
true high fidelity in either case
I auditioned a series 2 DMC 20 and a DMC 15 in a spectral/MIT system in my home and there was no comparison. The DMC 15 was the better choice. The 15 is in a different league! There was no debate. It was evident immediately. Both preamps had been on for 24 hrs. From what I have been told the new 30's sound even better.
What is the list price on DMC 15?

I called Spectral, and they told me the same thing---find a DMC 15 vs. buying an older 20.
I auditioned the 15 vs the 20 and went with the 15, no contest. I think the 30 was similar to the 15, but more $$$ and remote.