Spectral DMC 20 phono with DMC 30 SS series 2 ?

I have a Spectral system with a DMC 30 SS II LINE stage. I also have an older DMC 20 S2. Can I use the phono of the 20 with my 30ss? If so how is this best done?
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This is generally accomplished by connecting your tonearm leads to the phono inputs of the DMC 20, and then connect the 20's tape outputs to a set of available line level inputs on the DMC 30. Leave the DMC 20 input selector set to phono with the tape output active (if switchable), and then when you select the connected input of the DMC 30 you will be listening to the phono stage of the 20 through the line stage of the 30.
Hello Carey. Could you please compare the sound of the 30 versus the 20? Also, do you use any power conditioning for them or other parts of your system?
Thanks Bill, just wanted to be sure. anyone doing it any other way?
As far as comparing the two preamps. Well I wouldn't want to do without either one right now.. The DMC 20 S2 has a great phono but the Line stage is not near as transparent as the DMC 30 SS S2. However the 20 is no slouch and if I had to pick one, I'd keep my 20 just because of its versatility and the fact that I have a lot of vinyl..For the money hands down the 20 is the best deal out there IMHO. If you can find them.
Thanks Carey. Very interesting. I feel excellent power conditioning is vital for the 20. Obviously it's separate power supply was different than the self contained one in the 30.