Spectral dma-90 and MIT Z center

Spectral's website says their amps should be plugged into a different circuit than everything else. The DMA90 instructions says plug it into the same account outlet as preamp. I have mit z center. Should I plug the amp into the unswitched outlet marked for amps? I have the preamp in the switched section under preamp. Is that okay or do I need to have the amp in a separate circuit which will require an electrician? 
I use Spectral and MIT. I am heading out but will get back to this.
It's fine to do as you mention. More isolation between amp and preamp may be better. If your preamp does not draw enough power to overheat the Z Center isolated outlet I would experiment using the isolated outlet for the preamp and see if sound is clearer. Where is your CD player plugged in?
I got the newer mit powerbar since sung thus qypuestoon. Let.Cd player plugged into digital outlet.
Spectral owner for (20) yrs. Which preamp do you have? Used a pair of DMA 90s as bridged monos and DMC 12 w/phono. All required MIT ICs, Speaker cables and MIT power conditioning.

Preamp should be plugged into switched Side. Never turn off MIT Z center or Preamp. The unswitched outlets are straight pass through for the amps. Switched outlets have filter circuits.
Thwacks for your reply.I have DMC 20 preamp. I have MIT interconnects and spectral Ultralinear biwire speaker cables.I have theta gen Va DAC and Proceed transport connected with NBS monitor III digital cable. Thinking about replacing the 20 year old digital cable with MIT Magnum Reference. The interconnects are also old. Does it make sense to replace them for the digital. . Just replaced original MIT z power cable with Magnum ziii power cable to Powerbar which made a big difference. Shoud I continue to replace the power cables before the digital or interconnects. I try to buy everything used .This is an expensive hobby and my means are limited.
Yes; I would search for used MIT ICs, Speaker and PCs. Prices for new are spendy. Used does come on the market and when you see them; if they're in your range grab them. I am a vinyl guy. Don't really know the difference in digital cables but I do know that the top MITs DO make a difference over the mid priced stuff.
Is your Spectral DMC20 running hot?