Spectral DMA-360 single ended or balanced?

Does anybody have a Spectral DMA-360 running in balanced mode? If so, have you compared it to running it single ended. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Hi Rob, I know that Rick Fryer of Spectral said that going singled ended
was better due to less circuitry being used. My own experience with the DMA 150 was that with balanced line the bass was tghter and more powerful but at
the cost of less transparency . I do not know if this is true with the 360's.
Call Terry Minacker at Overture audio in delaware. He will know for sure
Hi Joe,
I do appreciate your comments and experience in this matter. I will certainly take your advise. Thanks for your help.
I am about to change my unbalanced Oracle V2.1 for a balanced set this weekend. I'll report back...did you guys read that review in The Absolute Sound too?
Balanced is definitely better: better depth, better smoothness, better detail...
just bought them second-hand. I think you can't go wrong really. I think Fryer is the man, he should know... Dutch importer also plays single ended himself... Will do the same. Whatever you do..you will enjoy the sound!
ribbondriver which review are you talking about