Spectral DMA 360 Series 2 with Aerial 20T

Just bought a pair of spectral 360 series 2 amps. All spectral system. I'm considering the aerial 20ts speakers. The Avalon really didn't do it for me I'm looking for a little more weight in the bottom end. I heard the aerial 20 Tswith krell and just wonder if anyone has heard the Spectral gear with the Aerial
Twice in one day?

Which Avalon model did you hear? Aerial are nice but you may want to try a B&W 800 Diamond series.

Normally Spectral gears are matched with Wilson Audio speakers like Maxx3, Sasha, and Sophia. I believe Wilson speakers usually have more weight at the bottom.
I love my AErial 20 t's have had them for 8 years and i do have the series 2. I have never heard the spectrals on them would be nice to hear.
I heard the Aerial 10T with an all Spectral system back in the '90s and it sounded great. Based on that listening experience I would certainly have the 20T on my audition list.