Spectral DMA 260 Amp vs. BAT VK 600 SE

I currently use the BAT VK 600 SE amplifier to drive my Avalon Eidolon Diamonds.

Most of my listening is via computer audio- a Berkeley DAC running straight into the BAT amp.

If I want to continue to refine my system, is the Spectral DMA 260 superior to the BAT?

Other amplifier suggestions?
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The Bat is a terrific amplifier, I would look at your cables, power conditioning, room tuning etc.

You may want to check out a good preamplifier, most dac's driving an amplifier directly don't actually sound as good.

Try this forum, you should see plenty of owners input:

It's a great question but unfortunately I doubt you are going to get any truly educated answers. I don't think there are many guys on here that have actually heard the 260 and if they have most likely not in their system. Then...of those guys, how many have also heard that particular BAT with your speakers etc. You may get some input from guys that have heard Spectral gear before (which will help you not at all) and BAT gear before...and some that have heard neither (you'll never know!)....so, that's a tough one!

I know the 260 but not that BAT so other than rave about the new Spectral stuff I won't even be of much help....
and...I respectfully disagree with Audiofreakgeek in regards to a preamp. Berkeley recommends running their dac directly to the amps and in most ceases this is going to give you a better outcome. Not in all, but most...