Spectral Audio users need your input

I would appreciate any input from Spectral Audio users on what type of digital front end they use. I sold my digital gear Theta Jade with Progeny DAC a few years back and I have been listening to Lps mostly. I am now looking for a used digital front end (1K to 1.5K) and I am curious what works well with the Spectral.
I have a DMC12 pre amp and DMA100 amp with Martin Logan ReQuest speakers

Thank you
I am a very happy Spectral owner/user (DMC-30SL preamp & DMA 250 amp) and I have found a number of digital players that work very well.

You might look at a thread I started on the Esoteric DV-50s modified, currently on this forum. The Esoteric is great but is considerably above the price you specified.

I think that the Musical Fidelity A-5 would work well for you as would a used Musical Fidelity A-308cd. (both available on Audiogon at or near your price range). Both sound excellent.

The M.F. does have a silver faceplate which goes very nicely with the Spectral.

I also like the Classe players - sound and look good. Silver and black faceplate on the CDP 1.5.

There are a number of excellent units that you can get for under $1500 and I really haven't found any "good" digital players that failed to work well with Spectral equipment.

You might wish to look at the thread " The best CD Player for the money" for some additional ideas.

Good luck. You have excellent equipment.
Spectral has just come out with its CD player the 4000S
The Bow Technologies ZZ-eight is a superb match!
in the $1,500 price range - check out the new cambridge audio 840. see robert harley's incredible review in absolute sound.
Thank you for your suggestions. I am considering the CA 840, Arcam 33, 36 and the Audio Aero Prima III
Perhaps consider a Sony XA9000es ~$1500. Detailed dynamic sound will support the Spectral clarity. The model just below it sounded very good with my Spectral but the XA is a solid improvement imho and build quality is very good. You will want good isolation from the digital to enjoy the full benefits.