Spectral audio today

Hi guys, been a Spectral fan in the early 90s but couldn't afford the gear at the time.I'm wondering how good are the latest Spectral pre-power compared to much more recent top SS brands like Gryphon, CH Precision, Dartzeel, Soulution, Audionet, Boulder, D'agostino, Burmester and so on.Is Spectral still competitive vs modern high end brands ?It is very difficult to audition Spectral gear as they have very little distribution now days.Thanks.
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I’ve used Cardas and Transparent but preferred the MIT
Hi i have had Spectral for the last 20 years, and not a problem ever, at the moment i have a DMC 30ss pre,and DMA 360 mk 2 mono's, we have not had a dealer here in England for many years, which is a shame, they are not cheap what hifi is , but people put them against gear costing 2-3 times as much, and they still do well, we are not all lottery winners, trouble is when Spectral comes to England you can add a third again, from USA prices, i would love to upgrade but the pricing now is just too great 
Hi if we could get Spectral here in England  at USA prices, i would upgrade 
@graystoke I have the same problem here in France, no more Spectral distribution since many years but i can go to Italy for an audition.Spectral pre-power with ATC speakers could be an option for me.
Been a long time Spectral user. I had the 2C3D Avalon/Spectral/MIT system.  I think my 2003 review is still on Audiogon. I sold it many moons ago. I have had over the years many Spectral products.  Loved them all.  Funny thing...the Hong Kong audiophile club and the high end dealer, Audio Exotics, visited many audiophiles and listened to many systems in China recently. At the end , one of the systems they loved was an old pair of Acoustats 2+2s with DMC-10 and DMA-50.  Mine still plays great...of course, it is still my go to system....BTW...had a problem with my SDR 3000, they serviced it and i had it back in house in 3 weeks. I will probably never buy another audio system.....but if I ever did it would be the Alsyvox Cavaggio double  panel ribbon speaker with Wadax Atlantis and either a Robert Koda K15ex and K160 or an all Spectral set up. I always have the need for speed.