Spectral audio today

Hi guys, been a Spectral fan in the early 90s but couldn't afford the gear at the time.I'm wondering how good are the latest Spectral pre-power compared to much more recent top SS brands like Gryphon, CH Precision, Dartzeel, Soulution, Audionet, Boulder, D'agostino, Burmester and so on.Is Spectral still competitive vs modern high end brands ?It is very difficult to audition Spectral gear as they have very little distribution now days.Thanks.
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Roxy54 pay no attention as i was not given a chance to answer.Stay well!!
D’Agostino is a wonderful sounding and great built amp that i would certainly recommend over Spectral for better build and sound quality and much better service.I had 2 Krell KSA50s with Maggie Tympani 1Ds even today these are wonderful sounding amps.Thanks be well!
sorry to hijack. Just received my M2 to replace focals and yes me verly verly happy.  Looking for that signature Krell sound that I’m getting from my 403Evo.  Any good suggestions on an amp to upgrade to. Thinking about solution 7 or 5 mono series. 
D'Agostino mono amps would be a better choice Solution is accurate but very dry sounding and very overpriced. D'Agostino has better stage,bass detail,and depth and is far more musical.Its your money good luck. 
I must agree with listening impressions posted by ebm. I’ve heard Soulution amplifiers on about 4 or5 different occasions (Audio shows) and the overall sound was consistently dry and clinical. It’s hard to determine how much contribution the Soulution electronics provided. This sonic character was consistent in different rooms using different speakers. Some would say that they’re accurate.

 I’d say their presentation was sterile and lacked a musically emotional connection.YMMV. On the few occasions I’ve heard Spectral I had a similar impression. Hearing the exact same Avalon speakers driven by Jeff Rowland components was far more enjoyable and emotionally engaging. This was some time ago but the contrast was strikingly stark.