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Hi guys, been a Spectral fan in the early 90s but couldn't afford the gear at the time.I'm wondering how good are the latest Spectral pre-power compared to much more recent top SS brands like Gryphon, CH Precision, Dartzeel, Soulution, Audionet, Boulder, D'agostino, Burmester and so on.Is Spectral still competitive vs modern high end brands ?It is very difficult to audition Spectral gear as they have very little distribution now days.Thanks.
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@ebm  Current Soulution 701, 711, 511 .... have SET tube purity.  Very different from previous series so anything from dry to my ear.   At this level, what price not insane?  LOL DUDE!
@carey1110 I have checkout latest Spectral.  Always find them too clinical, thin ....
@thieliste By now your list must be thousands deep.   Pull the trigger.  Jump on it dude!
@carey1110 Have you try Spectral without network cables?