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Hi guys, been a Spectral fan in the early 90s but couldn't afford the gear at the time.I'm wondering how good are the latest Spectral pre-power compared to much more recent top SS brands like Gryphon, CH Precision, Dartzeel, Soulution, Audionet, Boulder, D'agostino, Burmester and so on.Is Spectral still competitive vs modern high end brands ?It is very difficult to audition Spectral gear as they have very little distribution now days.Thanks.
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Hi i have had Spectral for the last 20 years, and not a problem ever, at the moment i have a DMC 30ss pre,and DMA 360 mk 2 mono's, we have not had a dealer here in England for many years, which is a shame, they are not cheap what hifi is , but people put them against gear costing 2-3 times as much, and they still do well, we are not all lottery winners, trouble is when Spectral comes to England you can add a third again, from USA prices, i would love to upgrade but the pricing now is just too great 
Hi if we could get Spectral here in England  at USA prices, i would upgrade 
thieliste , get in touch with me, and we can talk spectral, playing it now great stuff, if you have the time come over to see and listen to my system esoteric k01x cd and wilson sashes mit cables, i am not on this site every day amd.2112@hotmail.co.uk