Spectral Audio & Thiel speakers

Hi everyone, i would like to know if any of you guys experienced Spectral amps and preamp with Thiel speakers and how they match.
I own Thiel CS 3.7

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Not a fan. I used to frequent a dealer that carried both lines, and frequently paired them. Super fast, but bright and bleached to my ears. YMMV. Caveat, I haven't heard Spectral with the 3.7's yet.
I'll second Unsound's post, too bright for my tastes alone, but to combine them you would need some very dark cables to make it work. Unless your tastes run towards the artificially high end lit side, in which case it may work for you.
Brice, I cannot think of a worse combination.
Ok then basically too bright, that's what i was afraid of.
Thanks for your input guys.

I heard this very combination of these two brands in a room at CES, demonstration by Keith Johnson using his recordings. It was terrible to be honest, just as others here have posted, thin,bleached, just simply amusical and sterile..