Spectral and xlr cables

I have a new spectral dma 360 amplifier. I realize this question may be a bit dumb given the price of this amp but here goes: I notice spectral recommends spectral/MIT 770 cable for speakers and 350 for the interconnect. These are not xlr connections but are only rca.

Yet this amp and the dmc 30 preamp has the appropriate XLR plugs. This seems strange.
Can anybody explain this
the MIT 350 interconnects(reference or evo) are both available with xlr connectors for more money. Go to www.mitcables.com to check them out. By the way, you can use the regular versions and still get great results.


If at all possible, go with the xlr cable b/t the pre and power amp. This made a noticable improvement on my DMC20 and DMA200.