Spectral and Accuphase

Do somebody have any idea, experience of the mixture of Spectral and Accuphase ?

I have an Accuphase amplifier P-7000 and I have been offered a preamplifier Spectral DMC20-II.

Would that marriage be good, excellent, disappointing ?

Thank you,
well, i cannot say that i know much about the P7000 sound. however, my friend owns a DMC20-II as well & it drives a Plinus SA-250 Mk4.
From whatever I know about Accuphase, it appears that this company's gear is 'musical' rather than 'accurate'. similarly, to my ears, the Plinius gear is musical rather than accurate. In my friend's system, the DMC20-SA250 combination sounds really very good. Speakers are B&W N803.
So, extrapolating from my limited experience, it would appear that an 'accurate' preamp driving a 'musical' power amp would be a good match.
This is based on just 1 data point!
Hopefully other members w/ more experience will also chime in.
I don't remember all the details, but, I recall that some Spectral gear can be very tricky to deal with. Seemed as though Spectral stuff needed to be mated with Spectral and use special MIT cabling. Tread carefully!
Spectral preamps can be used to drive non-Spectral amps. I drove an Audio Research D115 Mk. II for years with a Spectral DMC10-delta. The results were quite satisfactory. Most, but not all of the amplifiers from Spectral require the use of Spectral preamps, interconnects and speaker cable.
Thank you !

What you say Siliab is what I read once. Well I only read that the problem is with a Spectral amplifier which (often, always ?) needs a Spectral preamplifier.
But as the opposite was not mentionned, I deducted from that that the problem of compatibility didn't concerned Spectral preamplifiers.

And that's what you say too.


PS If other people have some experience with Spectral preamplifiers (especially the DMC-20) and amplifiers of other brands (espcially Accuphase),I would be grateful to learn about it.
Thank you Bombaywalla, too !

In fact, now, I have 3 positive opinions about the compatibility of a Spectral preamp and a good amplifier of another brand.

I am going to try it.
I used a Spectral DMC6 preamp with a McIntosh MC225 and a levinson 27.5 and it sounded very good; sold it only as it was getting old and I was bored. Damned good preamp.