spectral amps what speaker cable

can someone please tell me if i have to use spectral-mit speaker cable with spectral amp [ dma-90 ] or can i just use mit ??? also what about interconnects ? i already have mit, and i would like to buy this amp,can't do both
thanks chris
Dear Chris,

Which specific model of MIT speaker cable do you have now?

The reason MIT is specified because the manufacturer wants to minimize uncertainty dealing with non-competent cable design frying the amplifier.

Spectral is a very high-bandwidth and high power design. Therefore, with a non-comforming speaker cable, the system may oscillate and fry the output stage.

With MIT, Spectral can make sure it presents a reasonable load.

If you find a purely resisitive speaker cable, and properly designed crossover in your speakers, you can use in lieu of MIT cable.

However, Spectral warranty will be voided if damage is caused by the non-conforming speaker cable.
with the dma90, any mit cable should be ok. the user manual for my dma150 mk2 says that the spectral ultralinear cables are required. i don't believe that is true for the older amps such as the dma90. by the way, i have heard that the reasonably priced ultralinear cable will outperform even the ridiculously priced mit cables when used with spectral equipment.
What MIT cables do you have? The best choice for the DMA 90 is The Spectral 750 Ultra Linear. It has been designed jointly by Spectral and MIT. It allows the amplifier to operate in a stable condition. In addition it has been sonically matched to the amp. Most of the MIT cables will be safe to use w/ the amp. The best sonic results are obtained when using an "Ultra Linear" design. Are you aware that this amp must be use w/ a Spectral pre-amp and the correct interconnects?
As a follow up to our earlier recommendations for cables, you need to be careful when purchasing used Spectral equipment. Often it has been damaged because of improper use(wrong cables, and in the case of the amps, used w/o a Spectral pre-amp). Unless you know the history of the amp, or an authorized Spectral dealer is selling it, you are taking a chance.
thanks guys my interconnects are mit 330 series 2 i don't have mit speaker cable [ synergistic research ] and yes i do have spectral pre dmc 10
I would ask myself is this amp compatible with the speakers
I have. The Spectral DMC-90 is NOT a high current amp and may have trouble with low impedance speakers. You should wait for a Spectral DMA100/DMA200 Class A amp to come on the market(they go for about the same price as a newer DMA-90 and sound alot better to boot). Then you can use about any cable your heart desires.