Spectral amplifiers and Duelund cables

have you tested this combination and with what results?

Spectral amplifiers and Duelund DCA12GA cables for speakers and rca signal.

Could there be electrical problems?

Thanks for the support.


+1, CORRECT. Spectral amps require you to use MIT cables. Do not even think about using any other cables.

Please see this link;

”MIT cable is specified because it ensures that the amp will see a stable load at all operating points. The reactive charactaristics of the load can cause these wideband amps to become unstable (oscillating at above-hearing-range frequencies so you don’t even know about it) until the amps’ output devices fail”.

+1 above.


I came so close to buying a Spectral amp… I absolutely loved the sound, but that requirement stopped me. At the time I could afford the amp… but not the cables and interconnects.