Spectral amp choice+ Eidolon


I live in Thailand and I've been using Meridian508.24+ Spectral amp Dma90(2,Bridging)+Dmc20S2+Mit Oracle cables+Eilodon for a long time. I believed with difficult speakers load and bridging power amp I never really hear what the speakers can do. My room size is 17.4*18*9. I've been using Spectral+Mit all along so I was thinking of upgrading to a new Spectral power amp. I dont wanna spend too much or go beyond Dma200. Please suggest the best choice to bring the best out of Eidolon. My chioces are:
- Dma150 S2
- Dma180 S2
- Dma160s (preferred if this works out)
- Dma200S
I found the DMA-180 S2 to sound much better than the pair of bridged DMA-90. The DMA-180 S2 was sweeter in the upper midrange and highs, had a lower noise floor, and had deeper and tighter bass control.

I was using the Avalon Arcus at the time. I would guess that there would be a larger gain in performance using the Eidolons.

Good Luck.
Hi, I have a pair of Avalon Eidolons in a Spectral, MIT system. I have been using a Spectral DMA-250 amp, 30SS preamp, with MIT Oracle V1.1 cables, etc. Prior to the 250 amp I used a pair of 360 S1, 150 S2 with the Eidolons. Before the Eidolons I had a 180 S1, 200 and 100 class A.
The 180 series has a fuller presentation, ( deep bass, dynamics, etc ) then the other Spectral stereo amps listed above. The newer stereo amps, 150 S2, 160S, 200S, 250 and the latest 260, are more refined less colored, higher resolution, lower noise, etc. The new 260 is the best choice for a Spectral stereo amp based upon the improvements in the 360 S2. The 260 should have the bass weight of the 180 series if not more and the benifits of the newer designs. I have been told the 180 series is sensitive to MIT speaker cables and may have osilation issues with MIT Oracle cables. The last MIT SPK used with the 180 S2 was the 850 EVO SPK.
Suggest you also query the only (so far) Spectral forum at http://www.whatsbestforum.com/
Ack, Don't forget to tell Sonicboy about the speaker wire.
Ack...nice idea. I'm there (1rsw)...

Which Spectral or any good quality amp would you recommend to use with the Ascendants? Don't want to use any MIT cables and will use my current pre.
Andromedaaudio, I totally agree.
Any particular model? The speakers are not power hungry
Depends on the budget , but a 432 for example is a damn good amp , a 431 also which i had myself ,i m not so sure that im happier with my krells actually.
The 431 has enough power but the 432 will give even more control and a bit more deepbass.
Since i experiment with diamond tweeters and good analogue i respect levinson even more they grow better with the higher speakerresolution /dynamics.
They are warmer/darker then the krells and they give away ambiance in a way i like it