Spectral 30SL SHHA upgrade

Any Spectral 30SL owners out there who have done their upgrading to the latest SHHA module? Care to share the sonic benefits? The 30SL by itself is already a terrific sounding preamp, just wondering how much better it can be after the modifications by Spectral.
Hi, as I write I am listening to my 30S preamp with the new SHHA 2 upgrade. It just came back today - not even broken in. WOW! I loveded my preamp before but everything is better. Specfically, the bass is more defined and powerful, Complex passages don't congest and sound stage is huge. Take everything you like about Spectral products and increase that 3 times. Without a doubt worth the $. Spectral had my unit only 10 days. Thank you Spectral and Thank you Terry Menacker of Overture Audio.

Thanks Greg for your reply. Can't wait to have mine back. Now you got me all excited!! My dealer had kindly offered to have his set for the interim which I declined. I only want to have my baby....Will keep you posted when I get my back.
Just got my upgraded 30SL back. The sound is superb. Very refined and controlled. The music that flows is so effortless and sublime. Thanks Spectral for making the upgrade possible.
How much does the upgrade cost?
it was about 1200 for the upgrade and 300 for shipping