Specs for MB Quart 3 Floor Standing Speakers

I am trying to find the specs for some MB Quart Speakers Three floorstanding speakers. I have searched the internet in vain so I am turning to the Agon community. I am interested in obtaining the sensativity specification but will also take any other info for them as well. I am waiting to receive a fully restored Fisher 400 receiver and would like to use thes MB Quart speakers with it. Here is what is written on the plate for these speakers:

MB Quart
Quart Three
4 Ohm
Freq Resp. 33-32,000 Hz

Made in the USA with North American and German Components

There is also a plate that says:

Wired Internally with Esoteric Audio USA cable products
Windsor, Georgia

Any help will be greatly apreciated. Thanks.
I own a pair of these speakers. They wound very good. Especialy since I got them for only $100 in mint condition includeing the orginal box.
I belive the Freq Resp, is 33-21,000 Hz. I could be wrong would have to look again.
I thought the sensativity was on the bottom plate also(87 or 88db). It may not be. How ever with MB Quart that is about their common sensativity rather it is home or car. So, a safe bet it is around their.
It dose seem strange that just can't find virtualy any info on the net about these speakers.

the speakers mb quart builds are phenominal, I had a competion car set up with mb quart, you will find on the car audio scene MB's are very high quality. might not be real bassy but should be really bright and accurate. oddly enough I am looking for info on them myself, I might buy a pair myself, and am looking for some reviews, however, I do know I am not scared of purchaseing them without the research info, simply based on there track record they have with me. I know they are high quality, german engeneered speakers. my e-mail is thecustomedge@hotmail.com maybe you could drop me a line when you get to test them out for yourself and let me know how they handel power, how good is the bass response etc. I would appreciate that. anyhow talk to you later, Ryan
I just found out there were answers to this thread.

Richard: I have been living with these MB Quarts for eight months and like them a lot. $100 for these speakers in mint condition is a steal. My cabinets were slightly dented in the shipping as I bought them off of ebay along with a Rotel receiver and CD player for my bedroom system. I think the sensativity rating is higher than 91db because I have compared them to a pair of KEF C 75 and the Quart Three seem to be louder than the KEF at the same volume level.

Ryan: I to was familiar with the company through their car audio line. Fantastic car speakers. I agree that the car speakers are bright and accurate. The home speakers are different sounding. Not bright at all and they put out good bass through my tube set up. The KEF's bass is a little tighter than the Quart Threes. Compared to my Klipsch Heresy they are darker and have a more reserved sound - but everything sounds darker compared to them though. As to power handling I have run them through a 200 wpc SS amp, a 50 wpc SS receiver and an 8 wpc tube integrated amp. I have had no issues what so ever in the power handling department. All in all, they are a very good sounding high quality speaker. If I were in the market for a slim floor standing speaker I would definetly give them a listen. The newer Quarts I have seen on the net have a higher minimum power rating (if there is such a thing) than these older Quart Threes. No big deal if you are running SS.