Specific question for BADA USB converter users.

What lengths of USB and SDPIF cables do you use? I'm trying to decide between the BADA and the Audiophilleo w/PurePower converters. One of the issues is how much will i have to spend in cables to get optimum sound. BADA advises 1.5 meters for both cables, which contradicts conventional wisdom with regard to having the USB cable as short as possible. If I ignore BADA's advice, I could buy a 0.3m USB cable with a 0.5 meter AES/EBU cable, which would be more comparable in price to the two 0.3m USB cables I could use on the Audiophilleo.

I'd rather have higher quality shorter cables than longer less effective cables. I would also prefer the shorter cables because they would be easier to install in my planned setup. For those who use shorter lengths on the BADA than what they advise, have you tried the 1.5m lengths before deciding on the shorter cables? I'd like to get the impressions of those who have used/are using the BADA USB converter and have used shorter lengths than advised. This is not a general question about cable lengths, about which there are already several threads on various websites.
Cerrot - you have never heard an Off-Ramp 5. You must be doing something wrong if all of the USB interfaces you have heard are poor.

Al - at 192 sample-rate, the frequency is only 50MHz.

Steve N.
08-24-13: Audioengr
Al - at 192 sample-rate, the frequency is only 50MHz.
Steve, note that I said that "the risetimes and falltimes of USB 2.0 signals would seem to have to be able to SUPPORT a clock period of around 4 ns (approximately 1/240 MHz)."

Surely the risetimes and falltimes of USB 2.0 signals don't change as a function of data rate. Or so it seems to me, at least in situations where the link is actually being used in USB 2.0 mode, and is not falling back to USB 1.1 operation. And therefore the risetimes and falltimes would have to be compatible with the fastest rate USB 2.0 can support.

Also, isn't 192 kHz/24 bit/2 channel data more like 10 MHz, plus a bit more for protocol overhead, rather than 50?

-- Al