Special Sub-Woofer IC's

I currently have my Sunfire HRS Subwoofer connected to my pre-amp outputs with full range cables and it sounds pretty good. The question is, are supposed "Subwoofer" cables preferable? Do they really make a difference, I would think that a full range cable would be better, sending the full spectrum to the sub and then letting the sub decide what to reproduce, or am I incorrect? Thanks!
I would be a little suspicious of "subwoofer" cables; are they suppose to filter out the higher frequencies? Or are they just made with more attention to their bass performance? I use subs but have never used anything but standard ones; it sounds more like a marketing ploy than anything to me. I would think the filtering might do more harm than good but anything can happen.
Thanks, appreciate your opinion! It's along my same lines of thinking.
I agree with Stanwal. I am a cable designer and manufacturer. While designing just for bass is less demanding, you end up finding the same cable design that is best for full range sound is the best for just bass.
Thanks, Antipodes, I appreciate your opinion as an actual cable designer. I'm going to save some $$ and stick with my well working full range cables.