Special Remote Control Need

My friend's mother is in an assisted care living facility and has arthritis & vision problems, as well as many other medical problems. He is trying to find a VERY SIMPLE universal TV remote control (on/off, channel up/down, volume up/down). The fewer and bigger the buttons, the better!!! Thanks for any help, folks!
I bought a simple Zenith brand remote a few weeks ago. It's for our master bedroom TV, intended for use in the dark and without contact lenses :^).

I found it at Comp USA for about $12.00. It has almost no buttons except the ones you need and can be programmed by entering codes for your brand of TV.

Inexpensive, simple to use and access to the battery door is obvious. Hope this is helpful for your friend and his mom.
Check Radio Shack...you'll know the one I'm talking about when you see it, I can read the buttons right now as I look across town at my closest Radio Shack.
We had this issue with my mother-in-law several years ago. While I don't have a particular model to recommend, I will say that it is very important to pay attention to finding one that makes changing the settings fairly difficult, or else you will run the risk of the user inadvertently reprogramming it out of frustration, if she can't get it to work as desired.