Special power cord for the pass aleph amp ?

Hello, I wanted to try few cords I had but noone fit the Aleph receptacles. It's like they are too large at the plug base. Is this correct ?
Would you pls list to me which ones fit to the aleph to place an order of a right one ?
Please indicate moderate price power cables (100-200 USD range)
The IEC receptacle on the Aleph should be standard & fit any aftermarket PC. I had an Aleph 5 & didn't notice anything unusual about it (tried several PC's) & still have an Aleph P & am currently using the ChrisV Flavor 2 PC on it.

It's possible one of the prongs may be bent or that it's been modified somehow. Scrutinize the jack closely with adequate light to see if there's anything amiss.
I have had the exact same problem with the Aleph and a Harmonic Technolgy power cord. The Pass standard cord fit perfectly. Note that Pass will tell you in both their literature and on the phone that they do not believe that the perfomance of their amp is improved with any after market power cord.