Special cable needs for phono

I have a SOTA turntable. Are all interconnects alike or do I need to use a cable specifically designed for phono?
You can use any cable as long as it fits on your turntable. (ie RCA plug, XLR, DIN, Ect)
Many Phono cables are designed with especially designed characteristics for very low level phono signals, and the interface with the phono section. They should be as short as possible. Preferably, they should actually be a continuous part of the internal tonearm wiring, with no RCA connectors or DIN connectors between the cartridge and the phono section.
Phono cables should have lower capacitance (and better shielding) than regular IC's because of the circuit and very low level signal involve.
Keep in mind that there are too many interconnects to possibly ever list, that are shielded, low noise, low capacitance, etc, etc, that are not advertised as "phono cables". So if you just look for "phono cables" your universe of choices shrinks to a tiny fraction.
Thanks for the input. I'm currently using AQ emerald with RCAs and it sounds fine.