Spearit Sound Inventory

Anybody have an inside line on who bought Spearit Sound's liquidation inventory? They had some great stuff.
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I had no idea Spearit Sound was going out of business! :(

You are right, between NAD, Conrad Johnson, Krell and Focal, they had a pretty choice inventory.

Many many times I almost bought gear from them, then the reality that I aldready had 3-4 stereo systems came over me and I didn't. :)
Spirt Sound has some good pricing going on to clear inventory through 10/31 I believe. Still, a few days left.
I was able to pick up a nice CJ Classic Sixty SE with my offer.
Gonna miss those guys
Another +vote for I am going to miss those guys. Jack Tozzi is the best!
Did you buy that in person? It looks like their website has been down for at least a week.
Bought a set of classe M600 monoblocks from them.  Easy to work with.
My purchase was through Audiogon however you can phone them and place an order.
BTW: I agree, I'm going to miss those guys!
I know Safe & Sound in Chicopee took over as the NAD dealer. I could not think of a better replacement. Every time I call them, I get Mike ( the owner) on the phone. And so far my entire system was bought from them. I make a point to drive 1.5 hours from Boston just to do business with them.
"I know Safe & Sound in Chicopee took over as the NAD dealer."

It does look like they may have bought Spearit Sounds NAD inventory.  Their NAD ads on Audiogon look very similar to Spearits Sound's. 

Anyone know who may have picked up their CJ stock?
Does anyone know if they are still taking orders  today (11/4,) and how to contact them ?
Does anyone have a link to Safe and Sound's Agon listing?

(Really should not be looking!)


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