Speakons anyone

Do any of you use Speakon connections for your speaker cables. Or has anyone added these to speakers that did not come with them. I think Speakons are really cool, but they are hardly used. I only know of one or two high end products that have added them. It looks like a superior way to connect speaker cables, as the traditional 5 way binding posts are like something from the model T era. I don't understand why these have not cought on more (other than Nuetiks patent fees (from what i have heard)).

I would like too add them to the back of an amp and my speakers. Is it hard to do?
I've looked into Speakons a lot but so far a quality speaker post like the Cardas seems to be a *way* better solution.

I use Speakons with the speakers I use when playing in a band. They do work better than 1/4 phone plugs! But for real high end audio there is no way- they just don't have the contact area.
>Do any of you use Speakon connections for your speaker cables.


I switched to 8 pole Speakons with 8-conductor speaker cables in my actively tri-amplified main system. Works great (I did measure for cross-talk and choose an optimal configuration) with far less cable mess, positive retention, and less work to install when you're bent over or reaching around behind something.

Speakons are rated for 3 miliohms (.003 Ohms) of contact resistance at the tail end of their 4000 mate /de-mate life time which is inconsequential. You don't need more contact area.
Seems to me nothing can beat just hard-wiring each amp to its assigned driver in a multi-amp system. I can see the argument for fewer wires and the convenience of connecting and disconnecting with a snap in plug, but a home system like mine is a set and forget arrangement. It might be years before I make any changes. And when I do, I probably would not be using the same connections or cables in the future as they were created specifically for just this system and will not work on my replacements.
If you are making lots of changes, then the Speakons make sense. Otherwise, the advantage of something like the Cardas posts is not only the additional surface area (which makes a difference both at the connection outside and the also *inside* (with a tube amplifier this can be the most critical connection in the whole amp), but also the pressure you can put on the contacts. The pressure can reduce oxidation significantly!
Another vote for Cardas posts-- and they are excellent for use with bare wire and foils. However Cardas are inconvenient to install, as a large center hole must be drilled to receive the threaded column that carries the clamping mechanism.