Speaking of listening

So, inhabiting earth, looking at audio, I find that I’m largely average, and certainly nothing special. My ears are not golden, but maybe silver. I understand silver is a symbol for sincerity, among other things. I also understand it makes transparent wire, or have I misheard, misread?

So, my system has changed in recent weeks. A first gen Schiit Saga fell into my paws. Then, the Nuforce STA200. Surely, these items are significant arbiters of the low-cost audiophile world at this time... I’m also riding on two RP280f’s I scored at an embarrassingly low rate last Fall, roughly $450 for both. I also have a home theater receiver, a Marantz I scored last fall for $750, a decent bargain of itself. My parents left me their old 55" flat screen a few years ago, and I"m also toting two R15M’s, Klipsch re-surround speakers, that were scored for $114 during a Best Buy Black Friday event. There’s a mid channel, also Klipsch, and an old Sony CD, about 25 years old. My aged Parasound HCA1200ii sits to the side, at rest after two and one-half decades. It was run with a set of Vandersteen 2CI’s I scored back in about 1995; these beloved speakers have been sent out to pasture. All of This sets on one corner of my adult life. Stereo. Sound, have always rung true.

The question - what will fall in my lap, next? What piece? the Room is 12.5 x 14 x cathedral ceiling, rising to about 14, at the crest.

My assertion is that listening, the study of listening, is the deeper art, the higher octave, in the audiophile realm. I would ARGUE, to a large extent, we overlook our person, except to state that each person finds their own audio system, which itself is the result of its own synergies. The important point here is the quality of the listening and what can be learned by studying that, which itself cultivates powers of attention and listening. The improvement of listening, I would argue, is as, if not more, powerful than system components and recordings, when it comes to hearing pure sound. The question of the "direction" of "perfect listening" partly implies methods that reveal and refine one’s listening, which is a door into the deeper realms of fundamental intelligence.
Interesting, although an unnecessarily convoluted and moderately sleep inducing statement of the obvious.That said, maybe get a tube amp and you could plunge into deeper realms of perception and, if you're lucky, some foot tapping might occur. Note that Vandersteens in a pasture will eventually warp, and if wire is transparent it's not actually there, which makes dusting it unnecessary. An easy win.