Speaking of Joseph Audio Pearls

Heard these at the NY show and have been having trouble auditioning since. Are they available?
I'm also interested in opinions as to whether they'd be a good upgrade to Thiel cs6's. My room is 13.5 x 18.5. Amp is cj premier 8 in triode - 140/channel. I'm also considering Vandersteen 5's.
Any opinions as to whether the Pearls (assuming I can find them) would be better than the Vandy's? Other suggestions.
You could try ATC active 100's they are 15K and include amps for each driver and external crossover. Also Talon makes some highly regarded speakers but I have not heard them.
I sort of doubt other speakers you mention would be a significant upgrade over Thiel 6's. Actually I can't think of any speaker that would be a big improvement over the 6's. Maybe other can though.
i wonder how vmps rm40s stack up with these speakers? i got a feeling they are better and priced much better too.

perhaps the speakers you are mentioning have a beter soundstage in some ambient way, but i think the vmps are much more detailed without being bright, and have a more immediate sound. you have a good amp to drive them with.

i was at the ny show too. and i really did enjoy the manley/joseph audio presentation. it ws the best experience i had there. especially the last song on vinyl.

but even after that show experience, vmps rm40s are the speakers i want to get.
if you can spare the room for vandy's 5 than go for it it's an excellent choice for the money.
You can call Jeff Joseph. His phone number is on his web site. If he's not there, leave a message and he'll call you back. At least that's how I did it.