Speakers with warm treble and good bass

I've been on the hunt now for a several years, attempting to find speakers that match the criteria of having good bass and soft, warm treble output.  A good liquid midrange with good texture and timbre separation is another top priority.  The speakers I have owned and tried:

Paradigm Studio 60 v3
LSA 1 Standard Edition Monitors
Totem Staff
Golden Ear Triton 3
Vandersteen 2ce Sig ii
Tekton Pendragon
Acoustic Zen Adagio
Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Turbo S

Out of all of those, the most enjoyable due to warmest sound signature was the LSA 1 monitors.  Of course those were the most deficient in bass out of that entire list.  Contrary to that, the Golden Ear Triton 3 had the best bass (obviously, due to the built-in powered subs).  The Adagios had the best detail and least distortion, but were a bit too analytical in the end for my tastes.

So far, surprisingly, the speakers that seem to get the best blend of everything for my tastes have been the Paradigm Studio 60 v3.  These are not "reference level" speakers by any means, but they achieve a nice balance of detail, dynamics, bass, and have a surprisingly good midrange.  Unfortunately, the pesky metal dome tweeter has gotten on my last nerve during many listening sessions.  

I am trying to stay in the price range of the aforementioned speakers.  What suggestions do you all have for speakers that can meet this criteria for a smooth, dynamic, and warm sound?

I own a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mahlers. They have the sound you are looking for. Dual 10" woofers on each speaker as well as two 7" mids and a 1.2" tweeter. You can find these used for good prices,but beware, the wood veneers tend to fade. Mine are gloss black and have not faded a bit. I am running a McIntosh MC452 amp, C52 preamp and a MPC1500 power conditioner. Sound is liquid smooth and has tremendous bass. No need for a sub here.  These were $13,000.00 new.
I have seen them for sale here for around $4500.00. 
if you can find a pair to listen to, I think you will love them.  They weigh something like 160 pounds each. 4 ohm, 91dB.  Big speaker. My room is 14' x 17' and they sound awesome, but will perform in a much bigger room too.  

Gamut M5 or M7. Best musical satisfying sound I ever experienced. I had owned 70% of the suggestion here.
Alright there is a lot to respond to here.  First, I'll answer some of the questions that have been asked:

--Room Treatments
I am using acoustic panels from ATS Acoustics.  I have a total of 8 of them spread on the walls.  First reflection points have been taken into account.  

--Tubes in my Rouge
I have a range of tubes, but have been mainly using my Mullard new production EL34s for power.  For the input tube, I recently purchased a NOS Mullard CV4003 which is an excellent tube, best one I've found yet.  I've also tried the Brimar 12AU7, and another Mullard NOS 12AU7.  Other power tubes include Gold Lion KT 88 (good bass, good all-rounder tube), Tung Sol Kt 120 (not a fan, a bit too forward and aggressive), TAD KT88 (nothing special), SED Winged-C 6550 

--Soft dome vs. Metal Dome
I would tend to agree that in general, my ears agree more with soft dome tweeters.  However, the only exception to that rule that I have witnessed has been on the Totem speakers I auditioned.  They seemed very analytical to me.  Not bright and harsh like metal domes can tend to be, but it was still an uneasy sound IMO.

--My Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S
I've had the replacement pair for a week now, and have about 100 hours on them.  I am still not enjoying the sound.  They do several things very well, but I still get a certain aggressiveness from them.  It's possible that the high noise floor of the Rouge amp combined with the high sensitivity of the M3s is allowing some electrical noise to be amplified much greater than it would be in less efficient speakers.  Either way, it translates to a sound that my ears simply cannot settle into.  I am not going to start chasing my tail again on the amp search either.  

Next, I compiled a list of most of the speakers mentioned in the thread here.  Some have been omitted due to price, or other factors.  There are so many speakers here to try, but unfortunately the selection I have to listen to here in the Pittsburgh area is fairly limited.  That means it's all about taking the gamble and incurring more loss if things don't work out.  I am checking out my dealer this upcoming Saturday.  He does have Harbeth in stock, which I am curious to hear.  My main concern with those is the bass.  I've heard B&W before, and they weren't really my cup of tea; a bit too analytical.  I've also spent considerable time with a pair of Dali IKON 6.  My ears tend to have issues with ribbon tweeters.  I think it may be electrical noise that is reproduced too well by them.  They were pleasant speakers overall, but IMO leaned towards the analytical side.

--Monitor Audio
--Aerial Acoustics
--Vienna Acoustics
--Sonus Faber
--Alon Lotus SE
--Avalon Acoustics Eidolon
--Acoustic Energy AE109
Your Rogue is not too heavy to lug to the dealer... You might consider listening to the Harbeths with that.

Do give the Harbeth Super HL5 Plus a listen. These are the leanest, fastest and most dynamic speaker in the Harbeth line, in my opinion. If they are not warm enough for you, you may try the Compact 7ES3, a slightly smaller speaker than the SHL5+.